Minerals Associated with the Heart Chakra

Out of all the chakras within the human body, the heart chakra (Anahata), also known as the emotions chakra, deals with the well being of a person, balance and of course, love. Compassion and devotion are also primary functions dealing with this chakra, which is also part of the immune and endocrine system. This chakra is associated with the production of T cells that fight off disease within the body. Stress is known to affect this chakra. A lotus with 12 petals, the color mid-green, as well as the element of air represents the heart chakra.


Need help in healing a broken heart? Turn to the Chrysophrase mineral, which is said to help ease a relationship gone wrong. It activates and opens the heart chakra and can be used in times of deep mediation. For those looking to balance the energies associated with the yin and yang, you may want to use this mineral. This mineral is also known for allowing one to obtain a non-judgmental look on situations and people, as well as find an acceptance in all people. Inner strength is also connected to chrysophrase. The stone can be found as a greenish blue color and is good for also aligning all of the chakras.


When it comes to Pink Magnesium Calcite, energy can be amplified, as well as used for those interested in channeling. Some use this stone when participating in astral travel. It can aid one in remembering their experiences during the process, which involves the mind, as well as the body. The stone, which is pink with white lines appearing through it, can be used for studying, distributing energy, as well as clearing and activating the heart chakra.


Another mineral that is known for activating and clearing the heart chakra is called Green Aventurine. It also possesses great properties in shielding. In regards to the intellectual, physical, emotional, as well as auric bodies, you will find that this mineral deals with alignment and balancing. This stone can be found to be light to dark green in color and has been known to enhance the leadership qualities within an individual.


The Harlequin Quartz is regarded as a powerful crystal. It has been used to pass through the areas between the physical and spiritual worlds. It is also used for balance and is great in stimulating the heart chakra. A physical strength within the body can be obtained when using this mineral, which is clear to opaque in appearance with red dots or red strings throughout. The nervous system is also affected with the use of this crystal.


The Charoite is a purple stone with gray or white colors. It can be used to build a bridge between the heart and crown chakras. For those looking to achieve a higher level of spirituality, this mineral is good for this result. It is also associated with unconditional love, as well as the decreases of negative energy. This mineral is used to ground the spiritual part of an individual. The mineral is also known for cleansing the auric body.