Minerals for the Throat Chakra

Also known as Vishuddha, the throat chakra is connected to communication, as well as growth in the way one expresses their feelings. There are numerous associations attached to this chakra, including the color blue, the primary function of speech and self-expression, the element of life, as well as the thyroid. The symbol used to refer to the throat chakra is a lotus with 16 petals.


When you are in need of a mineral that will provide stimulation to the throat chakra, you may want to consider Sodalite, which will provide an excellent selection. There are many other ways that this mineral can be used, including the elimination of confusion, as well as provides answers for those who are seeking the truth. When it comes to universal law, this mineral is good in accessing the information that you need. It also is great for a self- esteem booster. This mineral is dark blue in color and can be found with white, gray or black blotches.


For those who are interested in maximizing the energy from the throat chakra, Blue Calcite is great for accomplishing this task. If you are a student, you may also find use in this stone because it is known to aid in the sharpening of learning skills, as well as helps to keep what you’ve learned in your head. The stone has been known to assist people in obtaining a clear mind, which will come in handy when they have to make a decision. Happiness and good fortune is thought to come from the use of this mineral.


Another blue stone, which can be found in light and dark color variations, is called Blue Apatite. It has been known to have rather positive effects on the throat chakra, as well as has a reputation of clearing anything that may be in the way of those trying to obtain higher levels of self-expression. If you are interested in exploring past lives, as well as dabbling in telepathy, this is a productive mineral to turn to. It also possesses a connection to UFOs for those who wish to come closer to a few unexplained flying objects. Dieters have also turned to this stone when they were in need of something to ease their appetite.


If you feel that you are dealing with negativity within the throat chakra, you may use Blue Moonstone to cleanse some of this unwanted energy. The stone is attached to the promotion of growth, as well as giving a sense of support in whatever you wish to accomplish. This mineral, which is opaque white in color with blue flames, is also referred to as the “Travelers Stone” because it is throught to possess protecting qualities. The stone is also used for those looking for good luck, as well as an extra helping hand in the fertility department.


Grayish white with blue in color is how you will find the Gem Silica, which is a mineral that possesses the power to allow messages from the physical to etheric place to pass. When one feels that their environment is in chaos, the stone is known for bringing calm and peace. Besides stimulating the heart and throat chakras, this mineral is said to also being love into ones life.