Minerals To Use for the Crown Chakra

Throughout the Hindu culture, as well as other associations within the Asian continent, there are many techniques involving the harnessing of energy that can be tapped within the human body. This energy deals with metaphysics, as well as biophysics and uses points throughout the body referred to as chakras. There are seven main chakras in the human body. This article will explore the first, called the crown chakra, which is also known as Sahasrara.


The crown chakra is associated with consciousness and is seen as the main chakra to control all of the others. It has also been compared to the pituitary gland, which is responsible for the hormones that control the flow of the endocrine system. Each chakra has a symbol attached to it, as well as a color and element. For the crown chakra, which is located just above the head, the primary function for this chakra is to build a connection to the divine. A lotus with a thousand petals symbolizes this particular chakra. The crown chakra is also represented by the color white or violet, but can also be connected to any color of a dominant chakra. The element of space is also associated with this chakra.


As for the minerals that can aid in the stimulation and awakening of the crown chakra, there are several. The Blue Lace Agate is great for stimulating the crown chakra, 3rd eye, as well as awakening the auric body. For those looking to reach an enlightened state, as well as explore the unknown, this is the mineral to turn to. It times of dilemmas, this mineral allows one to see the solution rather than dwell on the problem. This mineral can be found in the color blue with white patterns that appear rather circular or oval. The Botswana Agate, which is a gray and pink mineral with white circular or oval patterns, can be used to stimulate the crown chakra. Like the blue lace agate, this mineral also energizes the auric body, is used to explore the unknown, as well as find solutions over problems.


As for Copal, which appears an amber-like yellow or gold color, this rather light mineral can be used to activate the crown chakra among other things. The mineral is known to eliminate blockages within energy paths throughout the body, as well as possesses strengthening properties. For those engaging in meditation, copal can be used to help one stay focused. It also has healing properties and can be used to assist in communicating with the spirit world.


When looking for one of the main stones that can be used in regards to the crown chakras, Iolite is also good for healing, meditation, as well as assisting in astral travel. The crystal appears indigo, violet or deep blue in color. When used as a stone, it can be seen as metallic silver with gold, as well as possess red or blue areas. For those who wish to experience a vision, this mineral helps to accomplish this task. Shamans have also been known to use this stone in times of strong medicine.