Muladhara (1st Chakra)

Muladhara is the first and lowest main chakra. It is located at the perineum, between the genital organs and the anus where is located the kundalini, the spiritual serpent, the beginning of the spiritual path to the whole consciousness (god). Its endocrine system (modern medical view) equivalent is the supra-renal gland. On the hands, its equivalent sub chakra is located at the below part of the palm. The muladhara chakra is symbolized by a four petals flower bearing the Sanskrit letters “va”, “sya”, “sha”, and “sa” on each of its petals. Each of these petals correspond to the psychological states of greatest joy, natural pleasure, delight in controlling passions, and blissfulness in concentration The seed sound in the center is “lam”. The color of this chakra is red or black. Its corresponding planet is said to be Saturn, the planet of limitations. Its music note is C. Several stone are said to be related to muladhara, they are the red and black stones: obsidian, black onyx, red agate… This chakra correspond to cedar and clove flavor. The sense that this chakra control is the smell. It also rules the blood circulation system in the legs and the spine.

Its element is earth. In earth there are the roots. Similarly, the muladhara chakra contains the root of the existence. It is the root of the interest for the material world, it is the chakra of the incarnation. When it is disturbed, it generates too much interest in the material and discrimination of spirituality as well as the fear of death. The life start in this chakra. It is the chakra of the children from 0 to 7 years. Actually, in modern psychology, this period is called the “anal period” because of the interest for the children in material things and their excrement. The feelings which correspond to this chakra are: fear, paralysis and terrestrial attachment. This chakra creates the existence. Its location is where the genital organs are. It is the basement of life. It symbolizes the solidity, the birth and the manifestation of the consciousness in the physical plane. It procures self-confidence. It could be called the “root chakra”. It is fundamentally linked with material security and survival. It is the root of our primitive instincts. It is here that reside the Kundalini.