Nadis Channels, Chakra and Yoga

blankPrana is a life force energy that makes a human body function. It is what makes us alive. If prana departs from our body, we die. No matter how much you try keeping yourself alive by artificial pumping- if the prana is gone, the soul cannot stay in the body. Prana travels through 72000 nadis. There are three main nadis, which are the vehicles to carry our prana: Sushmuna, Ida and Pingala. Sushmana is the sacred path that carries the sacred kundalini energy. When our energy is activated through spiritual practices, we mobilize it and it rises up through shushmuna. When our kundalini rises, we are able to use our intuitions and we are undoing those obstacles that have been holding us back. However, before that the ida and pingala have to do their work. The pingala is the right side of our body and ida is left. They work as positive and negative energy. The ida is the negative force which is the cooling energy (apana) whereas the pingala is the sun force with heat (prana). These two work together to make a balance. Once it’s balanced, our main channel of sushmuna is cleared up.

That is where chakras comes in. The kundalini travels through these gateways of chakras. There are seven chakras. The energy travels through these chakras. These are the hub of energies. The Sanskrit word for chakra translates to disk or wheels. These energy centers are not stagnant. They are moving like a spinning vortex of prana. These are located in different sections along our body. It begins with the base of our spine. People say that the first chakra is half in the body and half in the ground providing a spiritual connection with the earth and the seventh chakra is partially in our head and partially above in the air, connecting us with the sky and universal intelligence. Each has their names, colors and associated crystals and stones. These seven chakras form a vertical column from the bottom of the pelvis up to the crown of head.

The root chakra is located at the base of the spine and it represents the basic means of survival i.e. food shelters, money and security. This chakra is all about taking care of yourself.

The sacral chakra is located in the pelvis and it represents pleasure, creativity and sexuality. It all about how well we handle new experiences. Our emotions live here. So it determines your desire and what do you want to feel.

The solar plexus is located at the navel. It governs self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem. If this chakra is balanced, you have the will to get things done. If you are deficit in it, it means that you are lazy and keep procrastinating.

The heart chakra is located at the heart center. It represent our relationship with ourselves and with others. Moreover, how well we are able to feel joy.

The throat chakra is located in our throat and it represents and controls our ability to communicate. It is all about self-expression and bringing out our ideas into the world.

The third eye chakra is located between and above the eyebrows. It represents our intuitions, our imagination, wisdom and ability to make decisions.

Then there is this crown chakra partially above our head, represents our ability to connect with God and universe.

You are likely to feel these energy centers at the end of great yoga. Yoga is what we need to do to make all of the above happen in our favor. Yoga is what gives us the balance. The ultimate purpose or big idea behind it is to control the mind or reaching that point of stillness. We bring back the energy rather than allowing it to disperse. We resist the disturbance from outside. When our attention is scattered the energy is also scattered. It makes us harness our energy by nurturing our abilities to focus. By yoga, we want to steady our mind so that we can recondition our responses and overcome the dysfunction of our own. When we are depressed or anxious we are looking for help from the wrong place but the solution is from within. One starts taking anti-depressants to overcome depression but it is just a temporary solutions. Yoga is the complete fix for your problems.

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