Negative Crystal Energies: Cursed Hope Diamond

One of the most famous tales regarding gems possessing negative energy comes from the history of the Hope Diamond. From the start, the way it was obtained stemmed from evil as it was stolen from it’s rightful owner. The rest of the story can be followed within this article.


The well-known Hope Diamond, which is thought to have a curse connected to it, was once part of a larger specimen, which was called the Great Blue. It was a stolen object hailing from the Rama site in India. As legend has it, a man by the name of Tavernier thieved the diamond from a Hindu idol. Some say that the diamond was part of two eyes within the statue, but claims of this have been denounced because the other stone was never found. To get back at the act, the priests held a ceremony to infuse the gem with negativity, especially dealing with emotions and consciousness. It must have worked because whoever was in possession of the gem has had their share of misfortune or tragedy. Sometimes, they have suffered a violent death. It is said that the curse follows every piece of the diamond.


Many stories have surfaced regarding the one who originally stole the Hope Diamond, ranging from a sudden death by fever. Records show that he lived to be 84 years of age and did not have any mysterious or violent things happen to him. The list of events or deaths that the diamond is said to be responsible for is quite long, including:


The misfortunes of Madame Athenais de Montespan and French finance minister, Nicolas Fouquet

The beheading of Louis XVI

The beheading of Marie Antoinette

The rape and beheading of Princesse de Lambelle


Throughout the history of the gem, numerous tales have been created; many of them imagined by rather creative minds. Some describe the lengths that people have and will go through to have such a beauty in their possession. Their fates have been characterized as being gruesome, ranging from suicide to being shot.


When it comes to the Hope Diamond, it is not only regarded special due to the negative powers and curse attached to it, but is also regarded as a gem anomaly. The Hope Diamond and its sister stones are the only blue diamonds you will find in the world that change colors in such a way when exposed to ultraviolet light. Tests show that these particular diamonds glow like fiery coals, as well as have the ability to conduct various amounts of electricity.


If you are interested in tracing the history of well-known gems, there are many others out there with their own story to tell. Some of these include:


The Koh-I-Noor: Has a history that may be traced as far back as 1526. Many tales surround this item. It is throughout to be one of the most precious of all gems.


The Spirit of de Grisogono Diamond: The largest cut Black in the world.


The Orloff: An Indian rose cut with legend attached to it that it may have been the eye of a Hindu statue at one time.