Possible Hairloss Remedies

Hair loss is a common problem in our society, particularly among men. As a

result, everyone wants a full head of hair, which has led to many approaches

aimed at restoring hair.

Of the several approaches, some of the most common are :

1) wigs, hairpieces and toupees

(consisting of natural or man-made fibers that emulate hair, these are

difficult to fit and attach as well as having color or texture matching

problems with what exists of the ever changing natural hair)

2) hair weaves or lengtheners

(artificial or natural hair is attached or woven into the existing hair

to increase thickness or length, this is one of the most popular

non-chemical methods now being offered to the consumer)

3) various lotions, shampoos and conditioners which contain ingredients

that help to deep clean the scalp and the hair follicles

(one called Mane ‘N Tail manufactured by Straight Arrow Corporation, it

comes in both a Shampoo and Conditioner and is used to clean,

condition and beautify horse hair, I have been told the Shampoo should

be rubbed into the scalp over a period of about 5 minutes to allow it

to clean the scalp, then lightly rinsed out, I tried it and did notice

some light downy type fuzz growing where none grew before, it sells for

about $8 for a huge bottle)

4) the diluted drug Minoxidil as available in the doctor prescribed


(once applied it must be continued or the hair that sprouts will stop

growing and sometimes fall out)

5) herbal and energetic approaches


Hair growth is not a continuous process. It takes three distinct phases;

1) the ANAGEN phase when hair grows the most actively

(according to superstition, hair grows more rapidly when the moon is

waxing or getting larger, and slowest when the moon is waning or

getting smaller)

2) the CATAGEN phase is when hair growth slows

(hair growth can be stimulated by use of glucose ‘6’ phosphate

dehydrogenase, PDG)

3) the TELOGEN phase is when hair stops growing and it will eventually

fall out

Generally speaking, 10% of the hair on the head has stopped growing and will

fall out through brushing, shampooing or other activities which would dislodge

it. The other 90% of the hair is typically in the ANAGEN phase and continues

to grow to replace what has fallen out.

It was found that dihydrotestosterone, DHT could block the cellular enery

mechanism, thereby preventing the ANAGEN phase. Research was carried out to

find what could cause the cells to move from the CATAGEN or TELOGEN phases

back to the ANAGEN phase to promote hair growth.

Greater than 300 materials possessed the necessary odd numbered fatty acids

and it has been demonstrated that application of a high energy substance found

in actively growing hair, such as 3-carbon compound of pentadecanoic acid

glyceride caused a 350% increase in the production of ATP in animal tests.

Hair growth can be stimulated to grow by a variety of different products, all

of which increase the energy level during the anagen phase. The follicle

energy level has been found to be highly reduced where baldness occurs.

A Dr. Kenkichi Oba claims that PDG (same as G6PHD) can outperform Rogaine in

its ability to stimulate the regrowth of hair. In a study of 253 male

volunteers, ranging from 27 to 62 years of age, 19 dermatologists found it

increased hair growth permanently, not fading away like Rogaine. No harsh

side effects were noted in blood, liver or urine analysis.

Biotin is a coenzyme which has been shown to assist carboxylation reactions

(where oxygen is introduced into the cellular energy cycle). It can reverse

the pattern of balding which includes thinning and depigmentation of the hair.

It is applied topically and has been shown to rejuvenate hair.

The Chinese have long claimed that Ginseng root will prevent the loss of hair.

It is believed to protect the hair and prevent brittleness.

The Japanese have a tree called the Hiba, from which they extract an oil

called hinokitiol. When the hinokitiol copper salt was mixed as an ingredient

in a tonic and used to treat areas deprived of hair, Japanese studies showed

that thicker hair growth occurred. Of 11 patients, both male and female, a

downy hair growth occurred between 7 and 60 days. Alopecia areata was treated

in 10 patients where a 60% increase in downy hair growth occurred over a two

month period. A Tokyo hospital test of 50 patients yielded 68% effectiveness

in growing downy hair.

A substance made from rice oil, by the trade name Orizanol, is claimed to

stimulate micro-circulation and acts as an anti-oxidant. Another Japanese

botanical which is applied directly to the scalp to stimulate hair growth is

called SWERTIA (known in China as TOYAKU).

In a clinical study of the Japanese product TAKANAL, a 92% effectiveness

resulted in the growth of downy and eventually coarser hair. Three amino

acids, cysteine, serine and glutamic acid, when applied topically to the scalp

and combined with the TAKANOL produced a thicker, accelerated growth. Other

amino acids called TRICHOPEPTIDES, are known to directly affect the hair by

enhancing cell growth. Of 60 people tested with these trichopeptides, both

men and women, suffering from alopecia, reported a 100% improvement in hair


A placental extract yielded 70% positive results out of a test of 27 balding


Over a six month period, a miracle compound called Tri-Genesis resulted in a

227% increase of vellus hair. The key ingredient of this product is an

uneven-chained (odd-numbered) fatty acid, A-ANGELICA LACTONE, which

dramatically reduces the resting stage of hair follicles and gives each hair

an enormous burst of energy.

It has been found that odd-numbered fatty acids increase the amount of ATP

(energy) to the hair follicles. A Japanese scientist developed an herbal

formula using safflower extract, ginko and ginseng, all excellent vasodilators

which prevents hair loss.

Vasodilation simply means enhanced blood flow, resulting in extra oxygen to

the hair follicles and stimulated growth because of the extra energy. Rogaine

is a vasodilator.

One of the best overall hair growth stimulators is the product Tri-Genesis,

mostly because it takes a shotgun approach to the problem by using many

different substances that help to stimulate the hair follicles.

Basically, to promote hair growth, you need a means of increasing the blood

flow, oxygen level and the overall energy available to the hair follicles.

You can order Tri-Genesis from Tri-Genesis Corp., 520 Washington Boulevard,

Suite 385, Marina Del Rey, California or calling 1-800-654-0456.

Hinokitiol, Orizanol and Takanal might be available in a Japanese or Chinese

pharmacy or herb shop in major cities. Also, you might check with your local

health food store for ginseng, swertia or other herbs or compounds listed in

this file.

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