Power of Minerals: Onyx, Jade & Pyrite

Jade artworkMany of you have encountered the minerals mentioned in this article, especially in regards to jewelry making. Did you know that these items also have been known to possess a variety of powers, including centering and clearing properties?




Onyx is a type of chalcedony, which offers a wide range of colors throughout its many layers. When encountering this mineral, you will find that the main colors of onyx are black, orangish brown and white, red and white, as well as black and white. When carved, you may also encounter a variety of color combinations.


This particular type of stone is known for initiating sessions of centering, as well as bringing a person closer to the higher powers. For those that are dealing with a bout of grief, this is the mineral to turn to. It can be used to enhance self control over a situation and it is also a great stimulator when it comes to choosing the best decision for yourself. The stone can be used to bring about happiness, as well as give someone an extra boost when it comes to the luck department. It can be used to absorb extra energy from the universe, and helps an individual feel as if they are more guided through life.


The flipside of onyx has been compared to that of the yin and yang concept. It can be used to jog ones memory when they are unable to match memory with what is reality. It helps one to become in better contact with their personal strengths, as well as allows one to achieve a better understanding of their surroundings. Sometimes, this mineral has been used in the treatment of such conditions that affect bone marrow, the feet, as well as soft tissue elements.




When it comes to peace and tranquility, jade is one of the leaders in the numerous minerals that can be chosen. Great at bringing about soothing and cleaning vibrations, jade also helps to decrease the amount of negativity in your life. Some believe that jade did not originate from the earth, but instead is a manifestation of another material located in a different solar system than our own. It is believed that no harm will come to someone who has a piece of jade in his or her possession. This is mainly because it is known to absorb any surrounding negativities.


Other qualities associated with this mineral include the prolonging of life, the protection from accidents, as well as the soothing of the restless beast within us all. Even the color of jade is known for its soothing properties. The gem tends to be a shade of green, much similar to that of an avocado. Darker pieces of green can also be seen throughout its composition.




Often, this golden-colored mineral is mistaken for gold, hence the nickname “fool’s gold.” Associated with an array of balancing and equalizing properties, the mineral can be used to complement varying levels of vibrations. This can also be used as a stone to better ground yourself. Some have used this mineral for protection.