Proven Cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis

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“Proven Cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis”

Sometimes the simplest things can benefit us. Nature has many

secrets and in making that statement it becomes apparent we have

much to learn from the old girl. What follows is one of those

secrets revealed that has amazed us in it actually working.

First off before we proceed, I must state that the cure is a simple

one but may cause a hazardous situation for some. If you are

allergic to stings of any kind then proceed with caution.

Back in the eighties Judi was stricken with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

The crippling condition had progressed to the point that she could

not get up from a chair or move about without difficulty and pain.

Each month it seemed to get worse. The long term prospect for her

condition was a wheel chair or being bed ridden, not a happy thought

for one who loved being outdoors.

David, her son, was interested in bees and had a couple of hives in

the back yard. It soon became time to remove the honey from the

hives. Judi, not one to be left out, got involved in helping with

the removal of the honey. They smoked the hive making the bees

docile and less aggressive to their endeavor.

Somehow several bees got under Judi’s blouse and immediately stung

her on her midsection.

By the next day all symptoms of her arthritic condition had vanished

quite to her surprise. She called an acquaintance who knew a lot

about bees and told him of her miraculously relieved condition.

Yes, he said bees have been known in bee circles for quite awhile as

a cure for her type arthritic condition.

So there you have it. If I weren’t a witness to her being fit years


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after the dilemma was resolved I’d be a skeptic, but the proofs in

seeing her completely free of this debilitating disease.

Hope this helps other sufferers of arthritis out there.

Please be sure that you are not allergic to honey bee stings

before trying this.

The best way to get honey bees is to catch them in a pint jar as

they are getting pollen from flowers and the hold the jar against

you mid section after agitating them in the jar. A few stings should

do the trick. This is an old mountain cure used in the Blue Ridge

Mountains of N.C.

Peace and Love

Kortron and Solinus

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