Psychic Development Simplified

I would like to share my core theories on where to get started when trying to develop and control psychic/medium abilities. I have worked with many individuals who have transformed from being frightened and having no control over their gifts, to being grounded and strong psychics, able to perform readings with accuracy and confidence. It takes a lot time and work, but it is a balance that is attainable by all.

So many individuals have reached out to me for guidance and all of their stories have been very similar. They’ve expressed experiencing psychic phenomena ranging from intuitive messages to being visited by spirits. Most often they are afraid and unsure of what is happening to them and in many cases, they have had other experiences throughout their lives, but have now come to a point that their senses have intensified and have begun to interfere with their daily life. It has now turned into a very overwhelming experience which is now making them question their own sanity. Psychic abilities are often misunderstood and discounted by so many that these individuals often feel alone, with no one to talk to and help them rationalize what they are experiencing.

I believe that psychic/medium gifts are a natural part of the human consciousness. I also believe that everyone has the ability to develop these gifts. Some people are just born a little more “attune” then others. I also find that is seems to be a genetic trait that runs in families. I cannot say with certainty that I believe it is part of human evolution, but the growing numbers of individuals with psychic gifts makes it a definite possibility in my opinion. Much like the natural talents you see in athletes, musicians, artists, etc., everyone has the capability to heighten their natural abilities with time, practice, and faith in one’s self.

First step and possibly the biggest key to development, is meditation. This is how we “exercise” the intuitive mind and learn to keep a calm, focused, and relaxed body and mind. There are many different types of meditations, but it is important to practice clearing, focusing, and opening the mind. For those that have had difficulty with meditation in the past, I suggest using guided meditations to start practicing with. In book stores and online you can find many to choose from. Sometimes it takes some searching to find the right one for you. Meditation helps us in training the mind to receive and feel, rather than think when reading for others. I know it may sound like a huge task, but with regular meditation it becomes easier over time and you will be astonished by the level of focus you can achieve. Eventually, you will learn to bring that calmness and focus into an awaken state of being, allowing information to flow to your mind naturally. It is important to practice meditation as much, and as often as you possibly can. It can also be a useful tool for us in many avenues of life. It helps to promote a balanced mental and emotional state, which is essential for anyone hoping to read for others with a clear consciousness.

Next step is that one must work on a deep spirituality no matter what it is you personally believe. This goes beyond religion, it’s about how you see the Divine and what your personal relationship is with him/her/them. This is so important because this is where we draw our strength, energy and an unshakable faith that we are protected. It is through prayer that we cleanse ourselves before and after readings so we do not end up taking the energies of others into ourselves. Without doing so the energies can actually manifest in many ways including our physical health. True spiritual faith is such a powerful force, and it is an absolute necessity we keep a constant affirmation of our beliefs in our hearts and minds. Faith is our best weapon in battling fears, especially for those hoping to work with spirits and perform mediumship. Some may disagree with me on the need for spirituality to be psychic. But I do not see how one can effectively work with spirits and energy without holding some belief system close to their heart. In my opinion, you will not be able to find longevity as a psychic and the ability to perform readings without spiritual faith.

Then the last and most important is absolute faith in yourself. You must believe without a doubt in your abilities and beyond what rational thought tells you is possible. We have been trained our entire lives on what is possible, and what is not. So we must retrain our minds and come to a point of blind faith in our abilities and a “knowing” that comes from within. This can take some time to work on, but with just a little faith in your abilities, you can completely surprise yourself on what you can do. I have witnessed many, who have just begun working on development, completely blow others away with their accuracy. This is simply because they completely believed in what they could do without a shadow of a doubt. How much you can evolve as a psychic/medium is only limited by your own faith.

So meditation, spirituality and faith in yourself are the key components to begin working and developing your natural psychic abilities. Add in time, practice, and patience and you have a great foundation to work from. Fear seems to be what most have the hardest time dealing with in the beginning. If you really think about it, it’s the only obstacle and can easily be overcome. Once you really incorporate the 3 key components into your life, your fears will begin to melt away. Practice reading for others as much as you can and don’t beat yourself up if sometimes you get some information wrong. It’s a learning process just like any other and takes time to perfect. I will stop here at the basics. I’ve tried to just explain the main concepts briefly and give an idea of where to begin. From here I usually go on to energy work with chakras and methods about coming into contact with your spirit guides. I have full confidence that anyone who actively follows this formula will see results in their abilities. For some, I’ve seen very quick progression, but the time it takes to learn new things varies from person to person and patience is important. Like most things in life it takes some work and dedication, but the rewards in the end can be beyond anything you believe possible. Always remember, your abilities are a “gift” not meant to be feared but to be shared.