Quartz Crystals For Healing and Protecting Part 1

One of the most popular and powerful of all the crystals used for healing, protection and such is called quartz, which offers an array of versatile functions. Often found in a clear, glass-like form, it can sometimes appear opaque white, as well as display varying colors depending on the type. In this article, we will take a look at an array of quartz, including raspberry quartz, as well as the smokey quartz.


For the most part, quartz is used in the transformation of energy, transferring, focusing, amplification, as well as storage. Many turn towards this mineral to achieve clearing, healing and protection around them. It regards to appealing to chakras, it works wonders on for the 3rd eye. Presenting a raspberry-like color, raspberry quartz possesses pieces of amethyst, lepidicrocite and goethite. This is what gives this mineral its shade. Although this selection is great for the 3rd eye and crown chakras, it can be used to bring together the seven major chakras. This is optimal for those who wish to achieve a state of attunement, as well as reach higher levels within clearing and activating the chakras. For those suffering from a lack of energy within their spiritual system, this mineral can be used to eradicate these sorts of disorders. The mineral is also known to offer clearing and healing powers.


Moving on from raspberry to red, we have the red quartz, which can be found in shades of red or orange. This mineral is considered to be one of the most powerful and versatile out of all the crystals. It assists in the achievement of positive gain, as well as creates large amounts of physical energy when needed. Those seeking vitality have been known to turn to this mineral for help. It is also highly recommended for those who wish to amplify, store, focus, transform or transfer energy. All chakras can benefit from the use of this crystal. It also offers clearing, healing, attracting and protection powers. 

The brown piece of quartz that you may encounter is called the smokey quartz, but it can also come in light gray, dark brown or black varieties. The smoky appearance of this mineral is often caused by exposure to rather low levels of radiation that can be found within nature. This sort of radiation comes from surrounding rocks, as well as radioactive elements that may be in the ground and have been settled in the earth for quite a long time period. Individuals use this particular mineral for protection purposes, which also aids those who are searching for answers. When handed a jumble of information, the mineral can be used to decipher what lies ahead so that the point can be made clearer.


During difficult or stressful situations, smokey quartz offers a chance to stay focused. The mineral can be used during rituals and moments of meditation to make an individual more aware of their surroundings so that they may harness and utilize the energy around them. When faced with making a tough decision, this mineral can be used to clear the head and make things easier to focus on. It is also good for those who can hold a grudge. The mineral has releasing powers that make letting go of pent-up anger, depression and hurt much easier.