Quartz Crystals For Healing and Protecting Part 2

Continuing the exploration of quartz crystals that can be used for healing and such, this article will deal with the rose quartz, rutilated quartz, smokey quartz, as well as the sceptor quartz.

The rose quartz is a pink mineral that can be used for ceremonies involving the heart chakra. The stone possesses clearing, as well as healing properties, which can be used towards the balancing of emotions. When working with this crystal, a feeling of being loved, as well as becoming more in tune with the beauty surrounding them are some of the things an individual may expect. This stone is often viewed as a stone meant for lovers, earning the name of “Stone of Love and Balance.” Many seek unconditional love through the use of this stone, as well as often turn to the mineral in dealing with matters of the heart.

Appearing clear with red, silver or gold threads, the rutilated quartz possesses an increased amount of power due to the rutile of the mineral. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term ”˜rutile’, it refers to a mineral composed of titanium dioxide. In regards to the etheric and astral bodies, this stone can be used in deciphering what sort of problems may be affecting these aspects of our spiritual awareness. This crystal has gained a reputation for being able to help others solve the everyday problems that plague our lives. For those attempting astral travel, the crystal aids in increasing ones vision. In regards to the connection to other known and unknown spheres, this crystal can be used to stimulate our awareness to such places.


The sceptor quartz crystal is also considered to be one of the most versatile and powerful out of all the crystals. Focusing energy and doing away with negative thoughts are just some of the things that can be accomplished through the use of this stone. The sceptor quartz offers great results in the areas of energy storage and amplification. It can also be used to transfer and transform energy. Additional aspects of this quartz selection include attraction, protection, healing, as well as clearing. In regards to chakras, it is great for using with the 3rd eye. Identifying characteristics of this mineral is its bulbus head, as well as its clear to opaque appearance in color.


The name for this next crystal comes from its delicate appearance and the translucent white color doesn’t hurt either. The snow quartz belongs to the chalcedony family, which is comprised of silica. When seeking this mineral, it can be found within the countries of Mexico, Brazil, as well as the United States. The snow quartz allows individuals to dig deep and find the purity within them. It also aids in establishing clarity within the mind.


When it comes to chakras, it is the crown that the snow quartz mostly speaks to. It can be used to activate the crown chakra with ease. For those searching to feel closer to God, it is said that this mineral can provide that feeling since it is a representation of wisdom and peace. For ceremonies focusing on the maintenance of positive vibrations, this mineral is helpful. It can also be used to cease negative vibrations. Psychics can use this mineral to help further their abilities. Additional aspects of this crystal include positive results within spirituality, intellect, as well as finding moments of truth.