Role of Fish in Dreams I

Fish often appear in dreams and because they can reach great depths in the places they live, the creatures are seen as a symbol of the deep layer of the unconscious. In this article, you will encounter some of the interpretations concerning the appearance of fish in a dream.

The spiritual truth may also be revealed in a dream with a fish. However, depending on the overall theme of your dream, fish can represent coldness and impotence. A lively fish in a dream indicates success and could mean good things for business interests.

There is a religious connection to the fish and is seen as a symbol for Christianity. As a symbol for Christ, the appearance of a fish in a dream could have a mystical or religious meaning. Perhaps your dream is referring to something spiritual. Fish also appear in ancient myths, especially in Greco-Roman mythology. Fish were seen as a symbol of change and transformation.

Other dream interpretations that involve a fish include:

Fish in Clear Waters , A dream that involves a fish in clear waters could mean that you will be seen well in the eyes of the wealthy and powerful.

A Dead Fish , A loss of power and wealth is represented in a dead fish that appears in a dream. This loss is typically caused by a terrible disaster or misfortune.

A Young Woman’s Dream , When a young woman has a dream where she sees a fish, some say that she will find herself a lover who is talented and good looking.

Catfish , If you dream about catching catfish, you may face embarrassment regarding the intentions of your enemies. However, you have enough luck and a solid mind to safely pass over these kinds of obstacles.

Fish Bowl , If a fish bowl appears in one of your dreams, it may reflect a lack of privacy in your life or that something you believe to be confidential has been revealed.

Catching Fish in Water , A dream that has you wading in water while catching fish is representative of the possibilities facing you in regards to gaining wealth by using your own abilities. The act of catching a fish is an indicator of your own personal success. Therefore, the larger the fish you catch, the bigger success you will enjoy.

Fish Market , A dream involving a trip to the fish market points to joy and happiness. However, if you see fish that is decayed and rotting at the market, this is an indication that something stressful will come into your life in the form of something that seems happy.

Cooking Fish , If you are dreaming of cooking a fish, it could mean that you have discovered something about your spiritual feelings and knowledge.

Cleaning a Fish , When you are cleaning a fish in your dream, it could mean that you are altering the way you express your emotions to others (in a way that is more acceptable to others). It could indicate that you need to start expressing your feeling better to get people to understand you.