Role of Fish in Dreams II

Something as simple as a fish tank appearing in your dreams could be interpreted as a clue to unlocking some of your life’s mysteries. Because of its religious, emotional and spiritual meanings, the fish is a common visitor to people in the middle of a deeps slumber. If you’re wondering why that fish keeps swimming into your sleep, consider some of the following interpretations.

A Fish Tank , A dream that has a fish tank stocked with lots of fish is an indicator that you will have luck in business and your social life.

Holding a Fish , If you are holding a fish that is wriggling out of your hands, it could symbolize a relationship that isn’t satisfying to you. It could also refer to any attempts you may have made to snag someone that you are interested in. Some people should look for a new love interest if this dream is reoccurring.

Becoming a Fish , If you dream that you are a fish, it could indicate an interest in exploring your spirituality or finding a romantic companion. When you’re a fish in a dream, pay attention to what is happening to you. For example, being caught in a net or hanging on a hook could symbolize a life event or circumstances that bring complications.

Gone Fishing , If you are fishing in a dream and this is not your usual hobby, it could be a sign that you have the potential of good luck in energy and the economy. However, if you do not catch anything in your dream, some interpret this as a poor future in regards to obtaining wealth and honor in your life.

Eating Fish , If you eat fish in your dream, it could mean that you will enjoy warm attachments that last a long time.

Serving of the Fish , The Chinese see fish as a symbol of prosperity, so if it is served whole in a dream , this is a good sign.

Salmon , The kind of fish that appears in your dream can bring different meanings. For example, the salmon is associated with intelligence and knowledge. If you are eating salmon in a dream, it could signify the wisdom and knowledge you will soon gain.

In a Net: When a fish appears in your dream caught in a net and then brought to the surface, this could represent thoughts and concerns that are coming into the light , escaping your consciousness.

Fish and Sex , According to Sigmund Freud, fish were phallic symbols and to have a dream with the creature in it referred to your sexual desires.

Swimming Fish , When a fish is swimming in your dream, it could represent an exploration of the unconscious mind or suggests that you should explore what lies below the surface of an issue affecting your life.

Baiting a Hook , If you are baiting a fishhook in your dream, it could be an indication that you will encounter a new love in your life , one that is full of passion.

Fish Hooks , A fishhook stuck on your own body in a dream could mean that one of your closest friends could be lying to you.