Rubies, Topaz, Bloodstone & Turquoise

There are many crystals that people turn to when they are looking for healing, as well as answers. A crystal with a rather unique appearance is called bloodstone. Mostly, the crystal is green with small red dots throughout. The dots resemble drops of blood, thus the name of the stone. This option is believed to have great healing powers and is also associated with bringing courage out of individuals. A renewal of love, relationships and friendships has also been associated with the use of this mineral. For those looking to electrify various charkas, this stone has a connection to the navel and heart among many other areas of the body. When it comes to the heart chakra, it is also used for centering, as well as grounding.


Dorothy probably didn’t know this when she was clicking her ruby slippers together, but the ruby is a mineral that is good for activating the heart chakra, as well as conjuring up spiritual wisdom and knowledge. If she had known this, she may have found the Land of Oz much faster. The ruby is also associated with money and wealth. There is a saying that if you possess a ruby, your wealth will not leave you. The stone is also said to have shielding properties, where you will be protected on all levels. Most may think that the ruby is only red in color, but you can also find them in pink and purple.


Uses for opening the throat chakra, the topaz is a blue stone that aids in the attainment of mental clarity and helps individuals stay focused. Some may refer to the Blue Topaz as the “writers stone,” which also holds strength in the electromagnetic field. The topaz can also come in the form of a yellow stone, which can be used to open the solar plexus to achieve confidence and power within you. This may be a good stone to turn to when you are heading for a job interview and need a little extra boost or peace of mind. Overall, the topaz is seen as a mineral that creates inspiration, as well as a stimulus for the mind, as well as for the soul. Where there is negativity, the topaz aims to replace this with happiness and love. Artists may enjoy this stone for it also promotes creativity. The topaz is connected to boosting awareness, as well as the perception of things surrounding those who come in contact with it. The stone also possesses a balancing effect, which works the nervous system. For those who suffer from mood swings, the topaz may offer relief.


A popular stone used for jewelry making is turquoise, which appears greenish or bluish in color. For those that are interested in opening the throat or the heart chakra, this is the mineral to turn to. It is believed that this stone will give a user a greater connection between the earth, universe and the rest of their surroundings. Basically, this is a stone representing balance, where love and protection can also be reaped from this option.