Science accelerates Wound Healing

This file is from the March 19, 1980 Atlantean Era.

A.E. = Atlantean Era/JAT = Dr. J. Alan Tanner

(our copy of this article is slightly garbled,

so corrections have been made)


Science accelerates Wound Healing

an Interview with Dr. J. Alan Tanner

…..Collagen is all important in healing. It is the material that

gives mechanical strength to a healing wound and forms the scar.

We carried out this experiment on a rat exposing a prepared wound to

a MICROWAVE FIELD and we found that healing was speeded up. It was

a repeatable phenomenon and we carried out hundreds of experiments

with positive results. And if we wanted to accelerate the healing

still more, we found we could achieve this by putting a small amount


This produces more fluid in the area of the wound and enables

healing to proceed more rapidly. We’ve simply demonstrated that it

is possible to accelerate the normal process. If the HIGH FREQUENCY

FIELD is DIRECTED TO THE WOUND, there is MORE FLUID from which to

generate the FIBRIN and COLLAGEN, all important for the healing


A.E. How does the high frequency treatment compare with the normal

time in healing a wound?

JAT You can watch the healing process IN REAL TIME under a

microscope. A wound develops mechanical strength after about

20 minutes of exposure (to microwave fields). Normally if you

cut yourself, it takes 48 to 72 hours to get any strength at


Another advantage we found is that since there are no sutures,

you’re not INSULTING the skin, so you get a beautifully healed

wound. On some of the animals, the dog, for example, we lost

sight of some of the wounds. They healed so well we COULDN’T


A.E. Imagine the benefits of healing wounds without scars!

JAT Yes, WITHOUT SCARS. Of course there are tricks to the trade.

We found that some wounds weren’t healing as well as others.

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We couldn’t understand this but again, after protracted

experimental investigation, we found it all depended on how


We were using surgical incisions with clean, square edges, but

we had to make sure those edges were PERFECTLY APPOSED. If

you left an air gap then you’d get a weak point. So we

developed a tape that you could just put over the wound.

In the tape are two electrodes. They don’t touch the skin,

they’re insulated. But they PROVID THE ELECTRO-MAGNETIC

FIELD. The tape also holds the wound edges together. This

has proved to be very successful.

A.E. It seems the profession of medicine has access to this

innovative healing device but won’t investigate it to prove

its effectiveness, or to prove there’s some risk.

JAT There’s always resistance to new methods in the medical field

and perhaps, justifiably, I wouldn’t question it. When a body

process is artificially SPEEDED UP the question arises as to

what is the possibility of inducing some sort of malignancy.

Experiments designed specifically to answer this question

would take two to three years. There are many answers we have

to come up with before everybody will be satisfied that it’s a

safe and sound technique to use. I wouldn’t object to this in

principle. I’m sorry that time is going by.

A.E. Is this method being used in other countries?

JAT We have evidence now, in France, that an elecrode design

similar to ours is being manufactured there. I don’t know how

widely it’s being used in Europe, who knows? But what we have

to do in order to promote the next phase of the work in this

country is to develop a means of measuring the quality of

healing a wound.

A.E. You have a deep belief in this device, that it will become

your contribution to the human race?

JAT Yes, I certainly think ACCELERATED WOUND HEALING will be an

asset to mankind when it is used generally. But it’s the

result of curiosity. It wasn’t a guess, we knew, we expected

this sort of change to occur in the skin. The reasons for it

were quite clear, Dr. Romero just proved that he was right.

A.E. Can you give a simple explanation about why the wound healer

works in terms of the electromagnetic spectrum?

JAT All I can say is that the normal healing process is

accelerated. It’s an electronic process as it stands, and it

appears that we are simply speeding up the biochemical


Body processes are all controlled by membranes. Every cell

has a membrane around it that DIRECTS THE NUTRIENTS IN and the



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The function of a membrane is influenced by the presence of an

electromagnetic field and in the case of epithelial (skin)

structures the benefit obtained is accelerated healing.

A.E. You must be knowledgeable about some of the experiments being

done with the human forcefield or aura, using it to heal

specific areas of the body, one’s own body or another’s?

JAT I’m aware of activity in this area and I think that in the

future many phenomena today described as extra-sensory will be

shown to have a firm physical basis.

A.E. What do you see as future uses of the wound healer?

JAT Ultimately, it could be used by the man on the street.

He would carry a little high-frequency oscillator pocket

sized, battery driven, and bandages of different shapes and

sized for different kinds of wounds, all of which had

electrodes in them, and probably the histamine or some analog

of that which is needed to assist in the healing operation.

The intermediate stage – I see hospitals using it for closures

in surgical procedures, for accidents, cases in emergency

clinics with great advantages. You’d have a faster turnover

of patients in a hospital.

The other use I haven’t mentioned is COSMESIS. COSMESIS is

very important to the plastic surgeon. With the wound healer,


result is a cosmetically superior scar.

A.E. What is keeping it from general public use?

JAT We have completed an extensive experimental program on animals

with positive and very encouraging results but now it is

necessary to mount an experimental program on human subjects

to satisfy the requirements of the medical profession.

We must proceed according to the establishment’s rules. It’s

a long process but I believe one day that all wounds will be

healed in this way.


Vangard note…

This file makes reference to the use of histamines as a further

method of assisting the wound healing process. For those of us

who are subject to allergic reactions, we know that ANTI-


Exposure to histamines therefore induces the cell membrane to

exude fluids which provide a more soluble medium for chemical

interchanges. In addition, the fluid medium aids in the

transportability of other components such as fibrins,

collagens, etc.

This accelerated healing process would make an excellent video

to show the effects of the process on a real wound. Most video

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cameras allow the addition of a date/time stamp or an elapsed

timer as a further record. Might make an interesting project

for someone in the future.

It is probable that microwave excitation would induce intra-

cellular heating in the form of very low level roiling of the

fluid medium. This would be the equivalent of turbo-charging

the healing process by offering a greater number of exchanges

over a shorter period of time.

Those of us who are Star Trek followers can see what such

procedures could eventually lead to. An excellent beginning.

We felt the contents and work presented in the paper should not

be relegated to some dusty storage area to be lost.