See the true form of your reality through insightful Vipassana meditation


Vi means Special and passana means seeing. This Buddhist term means insight. There are a pair of qualities that the mind has to develop, and Vipassana is always paired with Samantha. Vipassana means to see the true form of reality, i.e. see things as they are. 


Vipassana is a meditative way of transforming oneself using self-observations. It focuses on the important un-noticed connection between our mind and body. This can be experienced by giving focused attention to our physical sensations of the body’s life, that is continuously connected to our mind’s life, and also conditions it. It is a journey that takes us to the root of our body and mind, dissolves impurities of our mind. After you practice this meditation you will experience balance in your life and your mind will be full of compassion. 

Science and its laws that control our minds, thoughts, and judgments become clear. Throughout the process, you will understand how you grow, how you fall behind, how to be free of the suffering, and the cause of that. Your awareness will increase, there will be no delusions, better self-control, and bliss. 

How to do vipassana meditation at home

  1. Set a time – Morning time is best to do this meditation. Because it is about embracing the present and being completely aware, you need a place with fewer or no distractions. 
  2. Sit in a comfortable place – Sit with a straight back, and you can use a chair if you have a back problem. Close your eyes and try to relax.
  3. Focus on your breathing – Breath normally, do not change your course. Now focus on the way you breathe and focus on specific parts like nostrils, lungs. Feel the air entering and leaving your body. 
  4. Find the start and end of the breathing – Try to be aware of the sensations that you feel while you breathe. Like how the chest rises up and down. Try to make it continuous. To aid this process, you can place a palm on the abdomen. 
  5. Do not force yourself – If your body is saying you to stop, understand, and set a minimum time. Once you become habitual of that time, increase slowly. 
  6. Do not focus on the muscles – Do not let your brain focus on the abdomen muscles, but rather focus on the outside. Just like you focus on the toy boat and not on the water it is floating on. 


If you experience a loud noise, shift your attention to that noise and be aware of it as a direct experience, and calmly say in your min, hearing, hearing. When the noise fades, go back to rising and falling of your abdomen. For your verbal labels in case of disturbances, use simpler words like hearing, seeing, etc. 

Spiritual importance of vipassana meditation

Vipassana meditation aims to provide liberation and enlightenment. Along with mental purification, it also cures physical diseases. Slowly with time, it takes away three causes of life’s unhappiness which are aversion, craving, and ignorance. 


Some precepts to follow: 


  1. Not to kill any living being
  2. Not to steal anything
  3. Refrain from sexual activities
  4. Not to lie about anything
  5. To stop the use of any intoxicants