Sending Love And Energy

HTML clipboard***Barbara: Sent the energy around, and it took us all into a golden
buttery yellow color. This color is for the solar plexus and I had
sent love and wisdom to all in the world. This golden color covered
the earth and flowed through all the bodies of water. I was taken to
an Iraqi kitchen and met one of the many people that are there and
holding the light, during this war. I was then taken in to a garden,
and given a Gladiola and was told this flower had more meaning to me
than the bouquet I carried when I got married.

***Sid: Sent the energy and it was gold and it became pink and gold.
It spun faster around each person and then we spun and then were
grounded. We shot up and were told to send peace and love to the
world; 5 minutes every morning and 5 minutes at night.

***Gayle: Immediately, there was green flowing energy. I was very
present and felt the energy flow through my feet into the Earth. She
saw a circle and was told that it was a crop circle. It was a circle
with a series of wiggly lines – like stretched “S” curves. I was then
told that we need to look for the extremes so that we can achieve
balance. I then went back through time to many countries, Egypt,
medieval France, Danes, Russia, China. In History you only hear the
one side. You must always remember that there are opposites. I was
shown Pleiades. People tend to think only of love. There is also
judgment and arrogance. Even the planet that is called the Reptilian
planet has two sides. People tend to fear the entities but they also
give healing. Snake venom is very healing, this is the best healing
source available.


***Gayle: We hear you speak of war; some are happy, some unhappy,
others are grumpy. Wars are large and not isolated. The war each of
you is fighting is within yourself. Whether you are on the earth plane
or on other planets, you are given good and evil within yourselves.
You don’t need to go to other countries. Nobody is objective enough to
see both sides of the war. You must see the wars within yourselves and
you may express these polarities in this lifetime. You need balance.
Look at the span or distance between good and evil. Each soul strives
to shorten this span. How strong is good and how bad is evil. Have no
judgment for yourselves. Look at saints, they are seen as expressing
only the good, but there is the balance of evil. All of you have to
balance both. To be grumpy, is that an evil side? Send love and its
opposite is anger. You must recognize this and balance this within
yourselves. This balance goes from one life to the next life form and
to the next, continuing until you go back to the source. We ask that
you spend time and feel an emotion; look within and see the opposite
of what you are feeling. You have heard many times that there is no
such thing as evil or bad so then find another way to describe this,
and so be it. Others around you may understand this lesson. You have
to balance and recognize the opposite. Concentrate and pay attention
to opposites. Peace happens this way. Send love and balance
yourselves. We send peace and love which goes to both sides.

***Gayle: The following is clearer explanation to the above text: When
a person recognizes the opposites, or the polarity, they are then able
to minimize the impact of each one and become more in the center of
the polarity span. When you return to the source you will know the
feelings at each end and will be able to minimize both so that you are
in the center of the good/evil or the high/low of the feelings and
emotions. Just as you have lessons that follow the plan of the Total,
you also have individual lessons that follow the plans of the
individual soul. And so it is. Our love and energy to all.

HENRIETA: Hello, hello, hello. What change and confusion (with
reference to war). We are watching you and you are so right, you have
been up and down emotionally. Do not restrict yourself to looking one
way. The plans are working. Look as if you have to walk from one side
to the other, of that land. Do not turn away, whatever happens. Look
at it, face up to it. Do not close the door and say, I do not see or
hear. This is hiding. Face up to reality, not the one you make, but
the reality that is there. Listen to all what you hear. Do not listen
when you hear “We won, we have victory”. Look at what is happening.
After all, you created all this. You came with your plans, and in
those plans are the lessons you have to learn from, the experiences
you need. Do not say to anyone “He is wrong or another is wrong,” or
say “This one is right.” It is all in the plan. Your world has to
change and if that change has to start with this, so be it. Your world
has made things grow bigger; most masterful pieces have been shown,
more greed created and it has gotten bigger, faster and more selfish.
Those ones who pulled the hardest or mastered bigger amounts of
riches, have finally reached too far. This was all in your plans. We
and others have told you this. “Do not judge others as well yourselves

The last few days there has been much confusion going on, not only in
this small group, but all over. You meet some people and they are full
of energy and others have nothing and feel very down. You have felt
pulled left and right. And to bring this back to balance, you have to
look realistically at what is happening. When you do, you will learn
how much will be asked of you. First of all, keep on sending love. You
are still asking “To whom?” How can we send love to people that are
killing others or abusing some? Love can create wonders, even for
those being killed or murdered. You think “How terrible” and forget
that this was in their plans. They will come back and relive another
life but you still think that “the Dead is finality.” Look at your
own life and how much you have gone through and how many times you
changed direction from right to left and back to the opposite. It all
worked out, because it came around again. Those who want more ask Why
am I not rich? It was your choice, your plan, your will, to connect up
and come to the earth plane. No one pushed you, you made the choice.
Look, enjoy and learn from that life. By loving that life and
yourself, you will know all is Good.

Marching for peace doesn’t help to send the love and energy. That only
helps those that think “I have to be noticed.” Those that walk for
peace are the ones that never have peace themselves. For world peace,
ask “Give me peace, and let me know what to do.”

These marchers have much unrest within, and when many come out to join
them, they don’t feel so alone. Peace will come when things are worked
out for the total plan. Send your real feelings of peace and love out
and you will receive it. We are around you, and sometimes we do shake
you up, because you humans are capable of large mood swings. When we
see too much of a mood swings, we are there touching you and trying to
help you to understand the real you. Live in peace, feel the love and
stay in a straight line.

Send out love even if you think someone is a bastard and we send you
our love – feel it.