Some Golden Principles to become a Shaman

Shaman is a spiritual leader of shamanism established in northern Asia associated to the belief that people have spirits that can exist separately from their bodies. Shaman can intervene between humanity and powerful good and evil spirits. Shamanism believed that the material world and spiritual world are interconnected.
Shaman is one spiritual person who cures sick in mind, body and spirit, treating various psychological disorders.
Like priest, Shaman is performed spiritual or ritual services regularly. He communicates with the spirits for the community, including the spirits of the dead.
He may predict weather condition and forthcoming events to some extent, interpret dreams, perform astral projection and even travel towards to spiritual world.
“Broadly speaking, it is believed that one cannot choose to become a shaman. Instead, a shaman is born, but if you are not born a shaman, you still have the capability to be a strong spiritual leader through shamanism and ultimately, it has to be recognized by an elder shaman.”
In following lines, some principles are described to become shaman.
”¢    First of all, read carefully about the belief systems of shamanism.
”¢    Practice shaman services and rituals and strictly follow spiritual guidelines of senior shaman. Persistent Meditation is recommended and put efforts to invite and convince others to join you in shaman services.
”¢    Organize and decorate your home according to the instruction suggested by shamanism. Smear your home with juniper or sage plant. This is a form of purification and way to offer prayers to the spirits and heavens.
”¢    Sharing a liquid with Mother Earth, Father Heaven and your predecessors before drinking. It means to perform libation when you drink alcohol.
”¢    Perform appreciation and gratitude prayers in front of good spirit in your home along with senior shaman.
”¢    Grow yourself and develop a way of life based on the tenets of shamanism to be acknowledged as a spiritual leader.
”¢    Please keep away from being excessively aggressive in challenging or dealing with others. You should persuade others to follow shamanism as a culture   
”¢    If you feel heart pain. Take it seriously and consult immediately with you physician.
In short, one cannot choose to become a shaman, yet there is still an opportunity to become a spiritual leader through shamanism. Sincerity, devotion and paying an honorable behavior to your senior shamans are the golden rules to win their hearts and to become shaman leader.