Some Wonderful Uses for Amethyst

Greetings! In this article, I will be discussing some of the many ways in which I have enjoyed working with Amethyst. I say some because to list them all would possibly take a book! This crystal is one of my all-time favorites, and it is also one of the very first stones I have ever worked with, thus sparking my interest even further into the crystal realm. Since my interest in crystals started as an extension of my spiritual development, it is fitting that Amethyst would become one of my most frequently worked with stones, as it focuses mainly on the upper chakras. Thankfully, Amethyst is one of the most easily obtained stones, making it very popular with crystal lovers everywhere.

Being one of the more spiritual stones, Amethyst works with the Third-Eye, Crown, and Etheric Chakras. This attribute makes Amethyst ideal for one’s higher aspirations. It is a very protective stone which helps to deflect negativity from it’s holder/wearer. Being one of the primary crystals of the Purple Ray, many spiritual seekers associate Amethyst with the beloved St. Germain, and work with this stone through mediation to try to make contact with this ascended master. Amethyst is said to facilitate deeper meditative states and to activate the higher mind, allowing for new and beneficial insights to come through, which can help one’s development. It is in this way, that Amethyst can help one to recognize, understand, an release addictive patterns that can cause hardships in life. It’s higher vibrations make Amethyst an integral part of any spiritual or intuitive ventures, and a great constant, crystal companion for many, including myself. Being a member of the Quartz family, this crystal should be cleared and (re)programmed on a somewhat regular basis, depending on the energies it has been exposed to. If you are unfamiliar with these processes, you can easily do a search for them or take a look at my previous articles on these subjects at the Healing Crystals website.

Amethyst Crystals can be found in many varying formations, natural and fabricated, making it easy for one to end up collecting quite a bit of this beautiful mineral. I happen to have many of these in my own collection, and I can tell you that Amethyst can carry as many different variations in the type and style of energies attributed to them, as there are different formations of it. The types of Amethyst in my possession include: a Heart, a Merkaba, a Pendulum, some Tumbled Stones, a Geode Cluster Piece, an Elestial Cluster, a Phantom Point, some regular Points, and a Beta Crystal. Each one is special to me in it’s own way. Their energies can range from subtle to intense, and some even vacillate between the two!

My very first piece of Amethyst was a simple Tumbled Stone. It came in a bag with several other tumbled minerals, and I didn’t think much of it just by looking at it. As I held it in my hand and began to gaze at it, I noticed that it had a rainbow inside of It. I also saw that it had several fractures inside of it, bouncing light off of them. These features in this one little tumbled stone made me aware of how even the least impressive items can have many intriguing aspects to them that you might not ever notice if you aren’t paying attention. Thinking of this humble piece reminds me of how important it really is to be mindful, and also to be in the Now.

Another great example of Amethyst, that I feel no one should be without, is the Amethyst Geode Cluster. This group of Amethyst crystals on a matrix base sends it’s higher, spiritual energies out into a room, effecting anyone who happens to be there. I must confess one of my main uses for this piece, may be considered strange. I put about 30 drops of Lavender Essential Oil on it, and let it sit in a very hot tub for about five minutes before I step in. Then I place a white washcloth over the cluster, and wrap it around it so that the points are pushing against the smooth side of the cloth. I then rub that side of the crystal with the washcloth like a bar of soap, across my skin, from the bottoms of my feet, on up to my face. It is very soothing and calming. The whole process only takes about 15 minutes, and afterwards, I feel very clean, comfortable, and more connected to my higher self.

A favorite Amethyst Crystal for me is my Elestial. An Elestial Crystal is one which has many points, folding over each other, coming from one crystal. This piece has been a great meditation aid for me during those times when I just cannot seem to quiet my chattering mind. If I find I am having trouble meditating, I can just pull out this beauty and stare at it. Suddenly, I am a tiny being on the surface of this Amethyst mountain range, exploring the peaks and valleys. This method of calming my mind always brings my consciousness to a child-like state, in awe of the universe.

Another one of my first pieces of Amethyst is the Crystal Heart, which holds great sentimental value to me. When I first acquired this stone, I felt something when I picked it up, but I was unsure if it was a placebo effect. I then spent a great deal of time trying to connect with this Heart of Amethyst. I carried it in my pocket every day, and slept with it in my hand or under my pillow every night. After about a couple of weeks, I felt like I had become attuned to it, and could feel it’s protective qualities any time I picked it up thereafter. This experience helped me to learn that if you intend to do any kind of important work with a new stone, you must always spend a little time getting to know it.

After I had been learning about crystals for a while, I became interested in the Merkaba, also known as a “Star Tetrahedron“. Often called the “Chariot of the Soul”, this piece of sacred geometry had always intrigued me, and when I saw them in crystal form, I simply could not resist. I thought what better way to represent the Merkaba than with Amethyst! After spending some time attuning to my new Amethyst Merkaba, I just had to make an hour or so of quiet so I could meditate with it. Settled into the lotus position, I slowed my breathing, and I began to sense the energy of the Merkaba, moving around me, but also within me in some way. Even though this was a new and strange experience for me, the protective energy of the Amethyst imparted a sense of safety and comfort, allowing me to enjoy this sensation. I ended up in very deep meditation for more than an hour, and came out of it to a sense of universality that I cannot describe in words, save to say that I felt my consciousness expanding to experience the universality of existence.

Another wonderful experience along those lines was my experience with the Amethyst Beta Crystal. When I first held that piece in my hand, I knew there was something different about this natural crystal. I could feel tingling in the palm of my left hand that held the stone. After about a week and a half of spending time with this crystal, I placed the crystal directly on my Third-Eye Chakra, and immediately felt a strong buzzing sensation where the crystal sat. As I went deeper into meditation, I began to see the color violet filling my vision beneath my eyelids. I soon found myself remembering an event in my life that had been repressed for many years. Being very personal, I cannot repeat it here, but suffice it to say that negative patterns were released as a result of this memory being exposed.

These are a few of my many experiences with the highly spiritual Amethyst Crystal. I hope you have enjoyed them, and have many more of your own. Hopefully, the information I have listed here will inspire you to find your own ways of working with this wonderfully spiritual crystal.

The suggested uses for crystals are based on my personal experiences. These suggestions are not intended to be used in place of medical advice.

Written by Cheryl Twyford for www.HealingCrystals.com© 2007. Cheryl works as project manager and author for Healing Crystals to “Promote the Education and Use of Crystals to Support Healing”. Cheryl is an Energy Healer trained in multiple modalities including Crystals, Reiki and Tarot. Healing Crystals is an online Metaphysical Crystal Store selling high quality Crystals at Wholesale and Discount prices. Healing Crystals is owned and operated by Foundation For Balance and Harmony, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation.