Spirit Guides in Shamanism: Big Cats

The spirit guides associated with shamanism involve a wide range of animals with some of the most recognizable creatures belonging to the big cat family. In this article, you will learn about the wisdom, powers, and meaning behind the likes of big felines in the animal world, such as the lion, tiger, and mountain lion.


The lion is present in many beliefs, legends and myths because it is associated with courage. The animal is also a symbol in astrology, as it represents the sign of Leo, which is known to rule the heart. Courage is said to come from the heart and comes from deep within. Individuals who act from the heart are thought to be the best people to assume a leadership role. They often follow a path towards accomplishing their goals and also encourage others to do the same. The lion is also linked to brotherhood, strength, energy, self-fulfillment, and strong family ties.


The cheetah is considered a power animal , one that not only represents speed, but also focus. Stalking is a natural behavior of big cats, but with the cheetah, they not only stalk, but also use their extreme speed to run down their prey. They are the fastest creatures on earth moving on four feet. The energy from the cheetah is believed to give an individual direction when they are racing to achieve their goals in life. The creature is also associated with brotherhood, self-esteem, a keen eye, and the ability to focus with intensity on something for a short period of time.

The tiger has stood as a respected symbol throughout ancient times and has become an important religious and cultural icon for groups of people, such as the Buddhists, Native Americans, and the Chinese. There are many strong features associated with the tiger. The animal is equipped with large paws and very sharp (hidden) claws that are longer than what they appear. These claws become visible when the creature is getting a hold of prey or protecting themselves.

If an individual is described as a tiger, they most likely have control over their emotions and only “strike” when necessary. They do not reveal their true power until it is needed, which increases their chances of success. This attribute comes out when the tiger is hunting for prey. It will hide and stalk until they are sure the time is right to make their presence known.

The tiger is often associated with lunar magic, which is why the creature is sometimes mentioned in myths and legends as sisters of the moon. Female tigers are also fierce, devoted protectors of their offspring.

Mountain Lion

The sleek and graceful movements of the mountain lion serve as a representation of exceptional balance. This big cat is a pro at channeling its energy so that it can sit for long stretches of time as it waits for prey. When the right moment arises, the mountain lion will pounce. People can learn the true connection between action and rest from this animal spirit, as it can teach you about the importance of making decision at the right time. The female mountain lion also stands as an example of a leader as she promotes her cubs to leave the den. With a watchful eye, she is ready to keep them out of danger, but still encourages their independence.