Spirit Guides in Shamanism: Owl and Hummingbird

Wisdom has always been associated with the owl, but what does the hummingbird represent in terms of animal spirits and other cultural references to these creatures in terms of spirituality. In this article, you will encounter information on both birds.

The Owl

There are sayings and references to the owl that links this winged creature to wisdom, as they are viewed as an animal that can make one wiser. The owl is known for its “all-seeing” characteristics that give it a reputation for being connected to the supernatural. In the cover of darkness, the energy of the owl reaches its highest levels. The bird is able to see and hear things that we could only imagine. This is the time when the animal is at its best.

The call of the owl is seen as a sign that you should open your eyes, mind, and ears to a current situation in your life. It is suggested to take the time to listen to the wisdom found deep within your heart and soul. There is a faint voice that comes from inside that is trying to help you in some way, especially when you are facing a challenge in your life. The owl reminds people to rely on their own intuition.

Since the owl is a creature of the night, the wisdom you may seek could come to you in the middle of a deep sleep. Owls have a knack for appearing in your dreams. The bird acts like a messenger , delivering to you clarity and illumination.

The owl is also depicted as a shape-shifter and messenger of secrets and omens. The bird also represents a link between the dark (unseen) world and the world of light. Other associations of the owl include clairvoyance, freedom, swift movement, and moon magic.

The Hummingbird

Don’t let the delicate fluttering wings and small size of the hummingbird fool you into thinking that it is not able to make a difference as an animal spirit. The hummingbird is much more than a symbol of joy, happiness, and love, and is seen as a common totem animal. Many people are also known to generate an intriguing bond with the bird. Across a variety of cultures, the hummingbird represents a powerful religious symbol with a high level of spiritual meaning.

For example, the bird serves as a representation of resurrection for the people living in the high Andes of South America. One of the characteristics of the hummingbird is that it becomes lifeless and appears to have died on nights that are cold. However, the bird comes back to life with the sun brings its warmth at the start of a new day.

Lovers are attracted to the hummingbird just as the creature responds to the bright colors of flowers. The common thread is that both instances are associated to nourishment. The animal teaches us to focus on the things that give us joy and not to dwell on the negative.

The hummingbird is also known for its ability to heal, endurance they posses over long stretches of travel, and the capacity to fly into small places to heal.