Spiritual implications of meditation

Meditating leads us to the path of spiritual contentment that is sacred and everlasting. It frees human mind from the material world and bestowed him eternal satisfaction, ecstasy, divine gratification and truth.

Meditation should be practiced with passion, conviction and care, following strictly the established rules and regulation.

It is common believe that meditation will be easily gratifying their routine desires and everyday needs. But they are mistaken, because the essence of meditation is the recitation and demonstration of the holy the names and attributes of God respectively. It is to realize an exclusive attention of God, to get freedom from the sensorial space and time for His bliss. Meditate is to contemplate about real self, the Being of beings. It is not the essence of meditation to gain so called material benefits.  It is to follow the meditating principles with devotion and determination until you bestowed God’s grace and loveliness. Some features are worth considering while discussing the spiritual implications of meditation.

”¢    Contemplation about God and His names and attributes.
”¢    That life on earth is a delusion of man. So do well to everyone, love them with out any personal reward.
”¢    Always remember God and purify your mind particularly in all states of suffering and pleasure.
”¢    Your devotion and concentration will reveal a spiritual knowledge upon you gradually and an ultimately achieve a state that you must be accomplish with good habits, discipline, and high ideals.
”¢    When you develop the interest and pleasure of meditating, then we achieve willpower.
”¢    The purity of heart and mind is the goal of the meditation. When human being reaches to that particular place, he becomes pure, free from suffering and attains the blessing of divine spark.
”¢    It is the state when he finds happiness and contentment within himself, where he discovers his innate divine state, and become a great grand spirit.
”¢    From then, though he lives with other people in this world, but infect he becomes a member of God’s spiritual world where he is free, live in blessedness and peace.