Spiritual Sabotage

Curiously, it seems that negative influences and personalities make a special effort to appear in our lives whenever we make a conscious decision to develop or heighten our spiritual awareness. At times it feels that there is no end to pessimistic viewpoints and negative personalities.

Prolonged exposure to these types of energies can have a damaging effect on our spiritual well being. The seemingly relentless onslaught of counter productive thought forms can wear us down emotionally, spiritually and often physically. Of course the solution to this problem isn’t to give up on the idea of spiritual development; the solution involves recognizing negative influences for what they are and finding ways to manage the harmful intentions of this type of spiritual sabotage.

Naysayers, pessimists and others who attempt to undermine your development, those who ridicule your dreams or aspirations have a hidden agenda and whether they are aware of it or not, they are actively attempting to halt your spiritual progress. They try to instill a fear of failure and attempt to sow seeds of doubt. They are always at the ready with examples of past failures, pointing out the impossibility of your goals ever being realized.

The sabotage scenario relates to business, relationships, scientific discovery, creative pursuits and any other instance which involves improving yourself, just as much as it does to spiritual empowerment. There will always be those that do not wish you to succeed and they just might be closer to you than you might expect.

At times it can be difficult to determine who is attempting to sabotage your spirit and who is genuinely concerned for our well being. Loved ones can sometimes be found guilty of attempting to sabotage our development, they fear our enlightenment, and ultimately they fear being left behind. They and you must acknowledge and accept the fact that the development of the spirit or inner self takes place on a different schedule and in different stages for us all. We can’t all always be on the same level, we will never be, and the process and timing of spiritual advancement is unique to everyone. It is an individual experience. Share what you learn upon the journey of life with your loved ones and friends if they are willing to hear. But don’t expect everyone to display your level of understanding.

The spiritual saboteur does not want you to achieve a higher level of spiritual awareness. They do not want you gain insights and wisdom which they themselves do not possess. They do not wish to be surpassed; this is the real motivation behind their efforts to sabotage your development. Even if their comments and criticism is hidden behind veils of concern and compassion, logic and various forms of persuasion, any suggestion that you are powerless to control your own life or are incapable of achieving your dreams and goals is a real and distinct poisoning of thought.

Awareness of the possibility of spiritual sabotage is the key to moving beyond it. Pay attention to the advice and information that you receive and determine whether or not it is coming from a genuine place of love and support. Dismiss any information which seems designed only to obstruct, delay or confuse your progress. Remain committed to your goals and objectives and stay true to your inner self.

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