Strengthening Relation with the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit means the spiritual force of God. It is also called Spirit of Truth. Biblically speaking, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God and of Christ. This is very clearly stated in the New Testament. Spiritual existence is a fundamental nature of every human being and it is necessary to strengthen the essential aspect of personality for internal contentment and tranquility.

”¢    Confess your intentional and known sins and look for forgiveness by totally faith in the holy Bible and holy life of Jesus Christ.

”¢    Grow yourself to be a true believer of Jesus Christ as a holy prophet. Without this approval of conviction, one cannot be filled with longing the Holy Spirit.

”¢    Longing for completely controlled by the Holy Spirit under the full commandment of God. Show obedience and humbleness through prayers. Do not put any reservations on what God may carry out in your life. Be prepared for Him to demonstrate His control in any way He pleases.

”¢    Say again and again the promise of God that he will make known Himself to all His followers and fill your life with good and peaceful possessions.

”¢    Believe in God, sought after Him and prayed for Him to control your life in order to respond your confession. Embark on following the teachings of Jesus Christ with trust, sincerity and confidence that he is leader and will lead you wholly and allow you to live for Him.

”¢    It is discipline and obedience that reflects submission to teachings of holy prophet and God. Continue to live in with this routine and let everything to God.

”¢    Modesty is an indispensable distinction for achieving spirituality and Holy Spirit. Arrogance and pride may take you far away from the worldly and spiritual blessings God.  Keep away from negative and manipulating activities and always pray for God’s blessings to learn the truth.