Superstitions Regarding Living Things 2

You may pick up a dandelion and just blow off the seeds and watch them float throughout the air, but did you know that there is a superstition that deals with this act? In this article, you will encounter beliefs that deal with plants, as well as food items.


Speaking of that dandelion, the next time you pick one that is filled with seeds, take this superstition into consideration. As you take in that deep breath and proceed to blow off all of the seeds, look at the dandelion stem and count the number of seed that are left behind. It is said that this is the number of children that you will have in the future. Another superstition dealing with children involves cutting an apple in half. The number of seeds that you see is supposedly the number of children you will have.


Falling from the sky, it is said that if you catch a leaf in this manner on the first day of autumn, you are not supposed to catch a cold for the upcoming winter season. As for the day that you encounter the first flower of the spring season, there are a few superstitions regarding this event. If you spot the first flower on a Monday, it means that you will experience good fortune. A Tuesday flower signifies that whatever you try to accomplish, you should be quite successful in your attempts. On a Wednesday, marriage will soon be in the air. Thursdays is a signifier that small profits will be gained. Fridays are a sign for wealth, while Saturdays mean misfortune. Seeing the first flower on a Sunday, deals with great luck that is supposed to last for weeks and weeks.


Mistletoe is not only a good thing for the holidays; it can be used for other purposes. When mistletoe is inside of a house, it is said to protect from thunder and lightning. It is also believed to cure numerous diseases, as well as cure some of the effects dealing with poison. Mistletoe is also used to bring good luck and fertility. When ivy has grown on the outside of your house, it is believed to protect the homeowners from evil doings and witchcraft.


When it comes to food, there are many superstitions dealing with edibles, such as watermelon, onions and milk. Although sounding silly, if a watermelon seed is swallowed, it is thought to cause the growing of a watermelon in your stomach. It is believed that if an onion is cut in half and put under the bed of a person, who is ill, the effects of fevers and poisons will subside. When milk boils over, it is said that bad luck may follow.


The next time you are craving a salad, you should know that lettuce is thought to have magical and healing powers, which involve the development of love and arousal. When eaten by a young woman, it is believed to induce labor. When slicing a fresh loaf of bread, you should make the sign of a cross of it. Afterwards, it should not be turned upside down after cutting the first slice.