Tarot + Intuition = powerful tool for guidance

Intuition is a feeling that always tells us the truth even when our mind or rational part of us accepts something else for the truth, something more obvious and based on arguments. It is the ability to feel that something is going to happen, without physical signs. If we use it in the right way, we will significantly improve our quality of life.

Intuition can give us small insights into the future and protect us from danger and encourage us to new opportunities. The inner voice that we all have, but only some people listen to, can take a person far and even save him. Some individuals turn to tarot cards to at least get confirmation of what their inner voice is telling them.

How important is it when interpreting cards? The fact is that some people have intuition while others can only dream about it. The problem with the mind is that it can be deceived. Things that are not true can be presented to him as truths. Intuition or the inner voice always feels the vibrations behind what is being served to us. It can be a pleasant experience, but also very unpleasant. Combining tarot with intuition is highly desirable. It enriches the interpretation. Tarot encourages a person to listen to intuition more often in life.

Tarot cards provide answers to many questions and hide the deepest secrets of human nature. Each card through mystical symbols is essentially the embodiment of our everyday life, attitudes, principles, gestures, desires, but also everything that we need to change to make our life more harmonious and balanced.
Tarot, as a powerful ancient tool, teaches us how to reach self-knowledge, help ourselves and our loved ones. Tarot interpretations are always aimed at understanding the causes of problems and difficulties. Each card and combination determines the energy that dominates the circumstances, but at the same time gives advice and shows the best way to solve and overcome the difficulties that have arisen.

This means that it is very important to know the meaning of all the cards, it is equally important to know how to open them and finally make a synthesis. Tarot cards are rich in universal symbols. It is crucial to understand these symbols. Reason must be used in order for the student to be able to absorb all relevant information. Opening a tarot solely based on intuition is not a good idea. This can easily lead the interpreter astray. Intuition is important when interpreting.
Even if the tarot interpreter is not particularly intuitive, it will be easier to come up with some kind of answer using the brain or knowledge of the tarot than someone who sees himself above it. Certainly, the reverse is also true. If the interpretation of tarot cards is approached exclusively from a rational position, the interpretation will not be wrong, but in some situations, something will be missing in the answer.

It should be said that even the best tool in unskilled hands is useless. Tarot is not wrong, but people are wrong! Tarot cards cannot be interpreted by the eye. Knowledge must be adopted and intuition must be built.

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