Tasseography Symbols 1

As promised in the article, “What is Tasseography,” here is a brief list of symbols that may be encountered when reading tea leaves. Some could be delightful as the symbol of an apple or disappointing as seeing the symbol of an axe during your reading. Below you will find an interesting collection of symbols:


Acorn: Success and gain; if it is seen on the bottom of the cup, it refers to good health.


Aircraft: Refers to a journey; if the aircraft appears broken, it refers to an accident that may occur


Anchor: When it appears on the top, it refers to stability; when on the bottom, it deals with cloudiness


Apple: Achievement


Axe: Difficulties


Baby: Small insecurities


Ball: Varied fortunes


Bell: Unexpected news; if it is on top, it means the news will be good


Birds: Good news


Boat: Refers to a visit from a friend


Book: Open books mean good news, closed books means you will have to research something further.


Butterfly: Fickleness


Cabbage: Jealousy


Cap: Trouble


Cat: Deceit


Chain: Engagement or a wedding


Chair: Guest


Candle: Help from others


Cigar: A new friend


Clock: Refers to better health


Coin: Money may be in the future


Circle: Success


Clouds: Trouble; if it appears in a series of dots, it refers to the possibility of numerous problems


Cup: Reward


Cross: Suffering or sacrifice


Comb: Refers to an enemy


Dagger: Danger from yourself or others; it is also a sign that you might need to beware


Dish: Refers to trouble that you may be experiencing at home


Dog: A good friend; if you see it on the bottom of the cup, it refers to a friend that may need your help


Door: An odd event may occur


Duck: Refers to money that may appear in the future


Egg: Good omen; creation; a fresh start


Elephant: Wisdom, strength and luck


Envelope: Good news


Eye: Refers to creation


Face: A change may come, usually means that it is some sort of setback.


Fan: Flirtation


Feather: Suggests a lack of concentration


Fence: Refers to limitations, minor setbacks, as well as things that are not permanent within your life


Fire: When it is seen on the top, it refers to achievement. If it appears on the bottom, it suggests danger.


Fish: Good fortune


Flag: Danger


Fly: Refers to an annoyance within your domestic life


Fork: False flattery


Forked Line: A decision must be made in the near future.


Fruit: Prosperity


Gate: Opportunity, as well as success in the future 


Glass: Integrity


Glow: Suggest a challenge in the future


Goat: Suggests that you should be on the lookout for enemies


Grapes: Happiness


Gun: Suggest anger, as well as sex


Hammer: Suggests that hard work on your part may be needed


Hand: If the hand is open, it refers to friendship, but if it is closed, an argument may arise


Harp: Love, as well as harmony


Hat: Improvement. This symbol especially refers to a new job or career.


Hawk: Jealousy


Heart: Refers to pleasure, love, as well as trust