Tasseography Symbols 2

Continued in this article, you will find the second half of the symbols and their meanings that you may encounter when reading tea leaves. Some of the symbols here deal with the meaning behind seeing a house, jewels, even a kangaroo.


Horse: If the horse is seen galloping, it refers to good news. If you only see the head, it is a reference to a lover.


Horseshow: Good luck, of course!


Hourglass: It is a sign that you need to decide something. It is also a reference for time, illusion, as well as creation.


House: Security


Iceberg: Danger


Insect: Refers to problems that you may experience in the future that will seem minor. They will be quite easy to overcome.


Jewels: Gifts


Kangaroo: Harmony on the home front


Kite: Refers to wishes that may come true


Knife: A broken relationship


Ladder: Suggests a promotion in the future


Kettle: Is a reference to an illness that you may have to deal with, but good news, it will be minor.


Lamp: When you see a lamp close to the top, it suggests a feast. When it appears at the side, it means that secrets will become revealed. On the bottom, it refers to a postponement.


Leaf: New life


Letter: News


Lion: Strength


Lock: Obstacles


Man: If it appears close to the handle, it means a visitor may arrive.


Mask: Insecurity


Mouse: Theft


Mushroom: If it appears on the top, it suggests a journey, as well as an association with a new country. If it is seen near the bottom, it refers to fast growth.


Nail: Unfairness


Necklace: If it appears broken, it means that you may suffer a loss, such as a lover or close companion


Needle: Admiration or recognition


Oak: Long life, as well as health


Octopus: Danger


Ostrich: Travel


Parrot: Refers to a journey


Palm Tree: Success, as well as honor


Owl: Refers to gossip or scandal


Pig: Greed


Purse: If it appears on the top, it refers to profit; on the bottom, it refers to loss


Question Mark: Caution


Rabbit: It is a sign that you need to be a bit braver in life.


Raven: Bad news


Rose: Creation


Scale: Legal issues; whether or not it is balanced or unbalanced influences the meaning.


Sheep: Good fortune


Shell: Good news


Shelter: Refers to danger, loss, as well as ill health


Ship: Suggests an adventure or journey is in your future


Scissors: Quarrels, as well as separation


Shoe: Refers to a change for the better


Snake: Enemy


Spider: You may receive a reward for hard work in the future


Spoon: Generosity


Star: Health, happiness, as well as hope


Sun: Happiness, success, as well as power


Sword: Arguments


Table: Social events


Tent: Travel


Thimble: Refers to changes that may occur within the home


Tree: Improvements


Umbrella: Annoyances


Vase: Refers to a friend that is in need


Violin: Ego


Volcano: Deals with harmful emotions


Wagon: A wedding


Wheel: If the wheel appears complete, it is a sign for good fortune, but if it is broken, it refers to disappointment.


Wings: Messages


Wolf: Jealousy


Zebra: Adventure