The clairvoyant upset me – I don’t belive he would be angry

From the mailbox of Afterlife Phil G:


I had an email from the UK about the loss of a close family member.

A friend went to see a clairvoyant and was told this person suffered pain and was very angry, which is at odds with her expectations of how life would turn out , that he should be in peace. And she dreams of visits, of seeing him smiling and saying he’s okay. So who do you believe, and should she also see the same clairvoyant?



I don’t do a lot of ‘readings’ now, but I had a lady who asked me during a reading if she would divorce her husband. I felt discontent, a warning that things were not going well. But I firmly believe we are given information to help, to warn, so we can better ourselves, or sort things out. Anger? Maybe, but it would be brief. Pain? Possibly, but it goes, just like the pain associated with wisdom teeth removal , it’s bad but it passes.


I personally don’t like those who upset clients with negative information. I believe it can be brought forward with compassion, and caring. I have held back information where I believe it will cause distress. I said to my client that IF she didn’t change her ways, she would probably end in divorce. She didn’t take well to my answer, because apparently she had a ‘reading’ only 2 days earlier, where the lady was quite ‘mystic’ with soft music and candles, and the whole deal, who told her outright she will separate from her husband in the next few months. I have no doubt she would have separated – not because it was right, but because she now believed it was inevitable, and would create the circumstances for that to happen.


Here’s my take on the ‘reading’. Yes, he probably did go through pain, but it’s gone. I TOTALLY believe your visit (dream) where he says he’s okay and smiling – that would make far more sense to me. Regardless of what they went through, they are okay (after a while).


Was his death caused by someone? Under those circumstances, I could image anger being likely, but I also believe that would only be the case for a short time. If I can again illustrate with an example.


I did a reading for a girl who lost a close friend in an accident. I remember the feeling of anger – he wasn’t supposed to be driving, and the only reason he did was because the person who was supposed to drive on the night got drunk. As a result, he drove, lost control and died. The anger I felt was firmly at the friend who should have been driving, and sober. As soon as I mentioned this (which allowed her to acknowledge that I was telling the truth), the mood changed dramatically, and I was asked to tell her not to hate the original driver, that it was ‘over’ and her feeling of anger was doing her no good.


Any time I’ve had a guilt or blame situation come through, it’s always combined with a feeling “it’s okay”, and we need to “let go” – not for them, but for our own health and comfort.


I think contact with the Afterlife doesn’t need to be distressing, and should be embraced as a comforting and wonderfully peaceful experience. I would dearly love you to make your own contact, without using a clairvoyant. It’s personal, real and verifiable. Please look at my website for more information. (philg.net.au or afterlifephilg.com )


Take care , Phil G