The Importance of Sacred Spaces

If you are interested in tapping into your own spirituality, then it is suggested that you learn about the importance and practice of creating a sacred space. In this article, you are introduced into ways on how to create a spiritual space, as well as recognize your surroundings.

When people claim a space for the purpose of engaging in spiritual activity, it becomes sacred. Depending on your intent and practices (such as casting spells), it is within this space that one can learn more about your place in the universe or discover hidden truths in your life. Sacred spaces are also needed if one is interested in practicing magic, which is a form of art to many. In order to create change through magic, you must center yourself in a sacred place where spiritual knowledge becomes easier to attain.

While creating a sacred space is relatively easy, you also need to harness a certain level of concentration, clarity, and the ability to ignore all of the physical and mental distractions that often take place in everyday life. Some people enjoy having a special room set side for creating a space of meditation, while others prefer to find a quiet part of their home. For some people, certain rooms in their house make it more difficult to concentrate on spells.

Creating the Circle

Often times, people are attracted to the circle as their shape of choice when creating a sacred space. For many centuries, this form has been used to signify boundaries, as well as represent protection. Magicians interested in casting spells often use a circle. When casting a circle, the process is quite uncomplicated. When working at home, you should choose a room that will not suffer any disruptions.

Most spell sessions take place over the course of an hour. You will start by cleaning a space located in the center of your room. The space should be large enough so that you can sit in the middle of it. A handful of candles representing east, west, north, and south will be placed about the room. A different color is used for each direction. Yellow represents the east, red represents the south, blue represents the west, and green represents the north.

The candles also represent four of the five sacred elements needed to perform a spell or tap into your spirituality: earth, water, fire, and air.

In the center of your circle, you should have a purple candle n a secure holder. It is important to note that any candles that you use for casting a circle should be placed into secure holders. This fifth candle will represent the spirit and is considered the fifth magical element.  

Cleansing the Space

It is not uncommon to find magicians that prefer ‘cleansing’ any space before they cast their circle. This practice is accomplished by using blessing salt and purifying water. The two are mixed and then sprinkled about the room. With salt in hand, bless it by saying ‘Blessing be upon this creature of salt.’ Place the salt into a wineglass filled with water to the halfway point. Sprinkle it upon the room in a clockwise motion.