The Ins and Outs of Candle Burning

When trying to harness or create energy through the burning of candles, there are a few things you should know about the candles themselves, as well as the process. When it comes to burning candles, various factors affect the process, such as the shape of the candle, as well as the color.


The visual part of the candle may add or detract from the energy producing from the burning process. For the most part, sometimes the shape of the candle can appeal to emotional aspects within an individual. Usually, it is better to stay away from the candles that are sold at novelty shops, which are in the form of decorative shapes. When one insists upon having a shape, things like butterflies and hearts may cause a distraction when trying to achieve the highest level of energy. Unique shapes are to be used mostly when there is an emotional connection that can be received from them. When dealing with emotions, the power received from candle burning will be greater. This allows a better tapping into the subconscious mind.


The usual shapes that can be used when burning a candle includes a triangle, round shape and square. Candle shapes can also be found in the shape of a cross, as well as a variety of stars that display five, six or seven sides. Shapes also include the way that candles are positioned around the user. This can be seen in a variety of layouts.


The 3-candle layout is one that highlights the shape of a triangle. The triangle is associated with manifestation. The number three is also used to describe and create balance. The 4-candle layout creates the shape of a square around the user, which is meant to stabilize energy. The four different elements: sir, water, earth and fire are represented with the shape of the square and its four points. To receive the ultimate protection when burning candles, the shape of a circle should be used. When moving towards this option, twelve candles should be used. The circle is considered to be one of the most sacred symbols that you can choose. The layers of this layout are meant to seal and protect. This shape represents birth, rebirth, growth and transition. The alignment and balance of the body energy can be achieved through using the layout of the cross. Additional layouts to keep in mind includes the diamond, the 5-, 6- and 7- pointed star.


As with shapes, scents can also have an effect on candle burning. Scents can help in the channeling of energy because they cause an effect on the individual burning the candles. Colors can also affect how the burning of candles results. The only thing that you have to pay attention to is the scent, color and sounds around you because they can be too distracting at times.


The colors of the candle that you use can play an important part of the burning process. The color that you choose for your candles will give off a certain frequency. It adds to what you get out of the channeling process. When it comes to the number of vibrations occur per second, the shape of the candle has something to do with this factor. The level of your emotional attachment influences the result of the candle burning. Depending on what you want to get out of your candle burning experience, you will choose a certain candle to achieve desired results. For example, a blue candle can be used when a person wishes to meditate. For peace and purity, a white candle should be chosen.