The Secret of Eternal Youth

This file is an amazing piece of information that seems to have correlations

with several of our other files on AGING. Specifically with regard to the

regeneration of tissue to the point of regaining an approximately 20 year

old physique.


This file is from the book, ‘The Enigma of the Unknown’ by John Macklin.

The Secret of Eternal Youth

Miriam Venter was 48 years old in 1902. But three marriages, nine children and

the arduous life of a South African settler’s wife had almost destroyed the

beauty for which she had been famous as a young girl.

Yet a few months after the Boer War ended, two white men were to witness the

incredible transformation which came over Mrs. Venter: because the careworn,

middle-aged housewife was suddenly to recapture all the ravishing beauty of her


This was witnessed by Dr. Norman Baker and Chief Magistrate William Wilson,

together with Paramount Chief Umbandine of the Swazi Nation, and a medicine

man, Chief Twala.

“But this is astounding – it’s impossible!” exclaimed Dr. Baker, as he looked

at the attractive YOUNG Mrs. Venter, with the sun glistening on healthy auburn

curls that only a few weeks earlier had been gray, dull lifeless hair.

Wilson breathed: “You know what this means? This medicine man has the greatest

knowledge in the world, the secret of eternal youth!”

And, in spite of the fact that all Dr. Baker’s medical training assured him

that such an event was literally impossible, Miriam Venter had REGAINED 18

years of her life.

In less than three weeks, she had become a REJUVENATED 30-year-old woman, a

beautiful woman in the prime of life.

Turning to Chief Umbandine, Doctor Baker said: “This secret will make your

nation the richest on earth…..this is worth millions!”

But the Chief shook his head: “The secrets of the Swazi nation cannot be sold,”

he said.

There had been many rumors about the “ageless” women of the Swazi nation, but

Magistrate Wilson, Government Mining Commissioner of the Transvaal, had paid

little attention to them. He had been sent by the government to Swaziland to

look into a political problem.

Immediately he was impressed by the fact that Chief Umbandine’s 58 wives were

SO YOUNG. None looked any older than about 20. The Chief himself was 60, yet

his first wife, and by custom his chief wife, was certainly no more than 30.

What puzzled Wilson was that the youngest of her sons must have been AT LEAST


It was impossible – or so it seemed – until the Chief explained: “There is a

secret which belongs to my medicine man Chief Twala. It is passed from father

to son and NEVER REVEALED to anyone else.

“At the age of 16 our girls are given a mixture which is secretly prepared by

Twala. Ten years later they are given another mixture, and so on. EVERY TEN

YEARS they take Twala’s medicine….so our women NEVER GROW OLD.”

When Umbandine told an astounded Wilson that his young looking wife was

ACTUALLY 45, Wilson became angry, accusing the chief of taking him for an

idiot. But Umbandine was VERY SERIOUS and challenged Wilson to bring any old

woman he liked, and Twala would treat her.

Wilson, however was still unconvinced and rather than appear a fool, he wanted

further proof. The following day Wilson arranged to have an old woman put into

a hut. To make sure he would not be the victim of a trick, so that a younger

woman could not be switched for the old one, he posted his police all around

the hut to keep a close watch.

Twala appeared with a small bowl containing a SMOOTH WHITE PASTE. He would not

let Wilson examine this. But in the next week he again visited the old woman’s

hut with a bowl of the paste, and some liquid in a tin mug.

Wilson saw the woman each day. To his astonishment he could SEE HER WRINKLES

were disappearing, her gray hair GROWING DARKER, and her eyes becoming MUCH


Three weeks later, Wilson HAD TO ADMIT that he had witnessed the most

remarkable experiment the world had ever known. But all that Chief Twala would

say, was that the secret was something his father had taught him, and that it


Returning home, Wilson told his friend, Dr. Baker about what he had seen, and

Baker refused to believe him. “It must have been some kind of trick,” replied

the doctor cynically.

Then Wilson explained his idea. To take along a middle-aged white woman – a

volunteer – who would take part in the experiment, which would be studied by

both of them. Mrs. Venter was chosen.

After seeing the results on Mrs. Venter, Dr. Baker offered Twala and Umbandine

a fortune for the formula, but they REFUSED the offer. Nothing could ever buy

the secret.

But Baker had made some careful notes while Twala had been treating Mrs.

Venter, and he had also noted the direction Twala took when he went to collect

the ingredients for his medicine. Soon afterwards Baker and Wilson camped near

Twala’s route into the mountains.

They planned to trail him and learn the secret of his magic medicine. Sure

enough Twala came and they followed him. But they were so intent upon their

tracking they did not see a leopard stalking them. It mauled Baker badly

before Wilson shot it. But this brought along a very angry Twala, who was

incensed at being trailed by the two men, and attacked them with a volley of


Afraid that Twala would bring warriors after them, Wilson fired a warning shot

– which accidentally killed Twala. As Baker died shortly afterwards, Wilson

set off back to the Transvaal alone.

Many sought the secret of Twala’s medicine, but since the old chief had no sons

to pass the recipe onto, he took it with him to his grave.

Miriam Venter lived on for another 40 years…..living proof to the astounding

knowledge of the old African witch doctor. When she died in 1942, Mrs. Venter

looked HARDLY A DAY OLDER than 35. Yet her birth certificate, her family

records, and her children all could prove that she was an old woman – aged 88.


Vangard note

I know this is an incredible story, but if you correlate it with many

others relating to rejuvenation, it is impressive. The rejuvenation

apparently does not go below about a 20 year old body which ties in with

other rejuvenation stories.

It is my understanding that aging is the result of an accumulation of dead

or dying tissues as well as toxins, in addition to a gradual reduction in

the mitochondrial energy available to help purify the tissues. Stress,

environment and other factors also play a part.

The phagocytes/white blood cells ‘scan’ other tissues and ‘read’ their

vitality level. A healthy cell would be either in the process of growth OR

at maturity. Such a condition would be measured using a percentage of

vitality. So, any cell that was 70% AND UP would be ignored. Any cell

that was below 70% would be classified as a target and subject to

disruption and destruction by the phagocyte.

If the phagocytes/white blood cells become corrupted, they lose the ability

to recognize a dying cell. The vitality level that is being used as a

reference for the phagocytes/white blood cells becomes ‘uncalibrated’ and

allows tissue that is significantly lower vitality (lower than 70%) to

remain alive. Such vitality weakened tissues become subject to outside

influences (kindling or entraining to stronger patterns) that cause them to

mutate due to DNA/RNA alterations. Many of these cells can continue to

reproduce, thus creating other imperfect cells which ‘propagate the error’.

The ‘smooth white paste’ mentioned in the document must have been made of

local substances, probably herbs, and possibly a mineral that when properly

mixed and applied could help to remove toxins from the body by the process

of cleansing or chelation. There are other techniques for the removal of

toxins such as a fast (minimal or NO food intake) that might be accelerated

with certain foods or preparations.

The mention that this technique ONLY WORKS ON WOMEN, NOT MEN, is a new

twist which might provide clues not heretofore noticed. This subject has

applications to health as well as rejuvenation and so it is important that

it be posted for everyone to be aware of. If you see correlations or other

anecdotal or factual information regarding this subject, we here at

KeelyNet would appreciate your sharing it with us, either through

photocopies or uploads………..thanks!…>>> Jerry


The Amomum root indicates that there are plants that might be able to

rejuvenate tissue. Our friend David Fasold writes the following…


Rejuvenation by use of Amomum…The Root of Life

researched by David Fasold and published in his book

“The Ark of Noah”

Memet and Ahmet (Turkish guides helping David in his quest for Noah’s Ark) were

gesturing for me to come down and look at something growing inside the hulk of

the Ark. There in a shallow depression, three or four stems stretched up

through the snow, waist high, withered and dried with faded purple flowers near

the top. The plant was covered with thorns. “This is something I’ve been

meaning to show you, Dave,” said Ron (Wyatt). “Could this be what the early

pilgrims called ‘amomum’?”

(Amomum – an aromatic shrub,

(Greek, amomon) root of an amomum plant.)

Ron was aware, too, that Josephus had written it was to be found in a district

called Carron, which had excellent soil for its production and where it grew in

abundance. This district or area wherein the amomum could be found also held

the remains of the Ark-remains which, to his day, Josephus related, were shown

to those who were curious to see them.

(Flavius Josephus – historian circa 37-100 A.D.)

I certainly was curious, and in true Key West tradition (where I lived for five

years) and treasure-hunting basics, I started to collect charts of my area of

interest. I struck pay dirt, or hopefully the “excellent soil” Josephus had

mentioned. It was on a General Staff War Office chart of 1941, well before the

time I felt the Ark had come to light in recent years, and right on the line of


The clue was in the form of a strange notation : “Devsirme Menekse.” The first

word means “to pick up, gather, or collect.” During Ottoman times it was a

term connected with youth, or the gathering of youth for the Janissary corps,

or a youth so recruited. The second word, “Menekse,” is from the Persian word

benefse. It was the Persians whome the aspiring apothecary of Europe consulted

in his remedies, and is described as having a violet flower (Viola odorata).

But it was the root (orris root) or koku that was the subject of interest.

Could it not then be considered, “Genclik Koku,” the fabled youth root?

Let me uncover for you, Gilgamesh, a secret thing.

A secret of the Gods let me tell you.

There is a plant. Its roots go deep, like the boxthorn;

its spike will prick your hand like a bramble.

If you get your hands on this plant,

you’ll have everlasting life. (lines 266-270)

I will carry it to Uruk of the Sheepfold; I will

give it to the elders to eat;

They will divide the plant among them.

Its name is The Old-Man-Will-Be-Made-Young.

I too will eat it, and I will return to

what I was in my youth. (lines 280-282)

Sin-leqi-unninni version

(The plant’s name is sibu issahir amelu, “a return to a man in his prime.”)

(John Gardener and John Maier, Gilgamesh

(New York : Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1984)

I had utterly failed in my research to discover what it had looked like or its

exact identity, yet it did not seem to be an unknown plant.

In the search for the origin of Amomum, I learned that the phrase “iris root,”

or orrisroot, was from the European iris, and the underground stmes that have a

faint odor of violets. It is used in making sachets and tooth powders. The

orrisroot industry now centers in Florence, Italy, where the roots are scraped,

dried, and packaged. The United States imports about five hundred pounds of

the irregular, knobby sticks (about four inches or less in length) a year.

The iris itself comes from the Greek word for rainbow, which I felt could be

significant to the Flood story. The root of certain of these bearded irises

was indeed used in ages past for perfumes, powders, and medicines. Iris, in

Greek mythology, was the golden-winged goddess of the rainbow and messenger of

the gods, especially of Hera (Juno). She carried commands of the gods to men,

traveling on the path of the rainbow.


Vangard Note

In discussions with David regarding this mystery root, David says there is a

very rich man who collects plants from around the world and grows them in

his own greenhouses as a hobby. This man lives somewhere up around Utah or

Wyoming and actually wanted him to go to Turkey and bring back one of these


Because the plant is unidentified and could possibly be a drug, the Turkish

government will not let it out of the country. So David tried to smuggle it

in various ways, down the side of his pants, in a golf bag, etc. but was

always caught and the plant confiscated.

These plants have VERY LONG roots that can easily break off when trying to

remove it from the ground. Because they are so easily damaged, only a few

attempts were made to minimize needless destruction of what is potentially a

source of tremendous benefit.

If a sample could be brought back, a botanist could check it out and maybe

samples could be tried on animal/human test cases. David said he ate pieces

of it and noticed nothing odd.

It could require other plants or a certain way of ingestion to get some

useful effect. Then again, there is always the ‘probability’ we are barking

up the wrong tree here, but it’s worth a shot if there is the remotest

chance of finding it.

When I toured California a few years ago, I made it a point to visit the

Berkeley Botanical greenhouse after a phone call indicated they HAD A LIVING

SPECIMEN OF AMOMUM. However, when I got there, they had checked on it and

that specimen had died. The director of Botanical Research and her

assistant had done some homework and found what was believed to be this

‘Amomum’ as well as other cousins of this plant.

There is an Amomum that grows on an island that is very striking and might

be ‘the ONE’. They showed me pictures of these plants, including the one

found in Turkey and a couple of them fit the same description of large

purplish leaves and long roots. So for now, we are at an impasse, but it

WILL be checked out someday, either by our group or someone who reads this

file and also gets excited by the implications.


The following was found up and typed in by of Ronald Barker.


From the Weekly World News. February 18, 1992.



By Bruce Turner /In Brazil

A group of botanists hunting rare plants in Brazil say four members of their

nine-man team grew mysteriously younger after coming in contact with a bizarre

flowering shrub.

This jungle plant – a glossy-leaved bush with flowers resembling the Venus

flytrap was discovered growing in swampy areas near Belem by the four

researchers. Several hours after they had cut and handled samples of the rare

plant, they reported UNUSUAL REACTIONS to its sap. (Remember Twala had a tin

cup of something as well as the smooth white paste?)

“Team leader Dr. Alfredo Benitez reported the four botanists returned to

base camp with a branch of the shrub and within four hours had a

substantial increase in energy,” said a stunning report from a national

news agency.

Although other members of the botanical team came in contact with the cut

sample of the plant, only those who actually visited areas where the plant grew

have experienced the rejuvenating symptoms, Dr. Benitez said.

“As far as we know this is an entirely new species and a rare one at that,” he

told a news conference. “We were able to find a total of only 18 plants growing

in a mile square area. We have no idea whether there will be other plants

found, but there’s no doubt of the importance of our discovery.”

The four botanists who located the shrub – a woman, 35, and three men aged 62,

58 and 49 – say they were exploring a swamp when they found it. The two – foot

-high shrub grows in swampy lowlands, they said. Its pale orange blooms have a

musky, sour odor – as does its sap.

“The team members reported the sap produced a mild warming sensation when it

came in contact with the skin,” the news report said. “Most remarkable were the

changes seen in the appearance of the four botanists. All reportedly looked

healthier and livelier.”

The effects of the strange new plant are apparently permanent, Benitez said

with no unpleasant side effects.

“We have received numerous inquiries from pharmaceutical firms from around the

world interested in the shrub. We plan to return for more samples later this



Vangard Note

One other point I want to mention with regard to the ‘oil of antimony’ which

is alleged to cause ALL dead OR DYING tissue to be repelled from the body.

Within a 24 hour period, a brackish substance (toxins and dead/dying tissue)

is exuded from all over the skin along with all hair, nails and teeth. The

tissues are thus PURGED of contaminants which sap the energy from the

mitochondria. Old tissue that has been expelled is now replaced with

healthy new tissue to replace that which was expunged.

There are simply TOO MANY INDICATIONS that rejuvenation of tissue is

possible! And I just can’t understand why so few people can see all the

ramifications of successful research in this area. Everyone DIES

eventually, so why can’t we extend it in order to do all that we want to do

and experience life from many angles AT YOUR DISCRETION. I don’t know about

you, but I could easily keep busy, questing and researching for another

couple of hundred years for starters.

You will note that Mrs. Venter lived to be a healthy 88 and when she died,

appeared to be only about 35. This is quite fascinating. SHE DIED and yet

was youthful in body? The article does not say WHAT SHE DIED OF, disease,

accident, what? If anyone out there can trace this, please get back to us

with as much detail as you collect.

Biblical and other records indicate that the pre-Flood Patriarchs were in

full vigor, or youthfully vital, despite their advanced ages (averaging 1000

years OR MORE). If tissue is truly rejuvenated, and this surely is not

simply OUTSIDE APPEARANCES, then there is no reason that I can see for the

body to die at 80, 100 or whatever.

One other point that brings up the ‘spook’ aspect. WHAT CONTROLS THE FORM

OF THE TISSUE? Dr. Harold S. Burr and Rupert Sheldrake claim there is a

field of energy that determines the formation of tissue. This field is

apparently accessible by SUSTAINED THOUGHT for the purpose of healing,

enhancing or otherwise altering the physical body. Dr. Burr found that all

protein is replaced in every human approximately every 158 days (almost 6

months) which effectively gives you a new body. If the tissue is really

being rejuvenated, then why do old scars NEVER disappear fully? That is the

aura at work, also known as the bio-plasmic field, electrodynamic field or

morphogenetic field which all are expressions of the same thing.