The Secret of Mind and Consciousness

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Settling the Question of Objective and Subjective Reality

The Secret of Mind and Consciousness, Information and Intelligence Flow

By John Paily



I am tempted to write this article in response to some comment I received to my article “Physics of Soul”, “Structure of Consciousness”, Quantum Dance and “Physics of Creation”   It said  –  “I am speaking the subjective aspect of consciousness and there exist objective aspect of consciousness that is real ——–”


On the out set I thank for the comment. My search and struggle was a journey from complexity to simplicity. Having attained the simplicity, it is energy consuming to return to the complexity unless some one throws a string. Nature of life is to forget. It never wishes to dwell in the suffering but always wishes to push forth into happiness. I have done extensive reading into all most all subjects for nearly a decade. However it was done in the backdrop of certain Truth or foundation Nature revealed when I isolated my “self” from my questions to her. The system design of nature I speak emerged from it. In the process my mind had to put behind past in order to advance. When there is no reason the mind fails to go back. It is one reason I encourage my readers to throw a thread to me so that I can weave a bridge out of that point or Pose of a problem so that I can activate my mind to derive a solution.




The root of “Objective and Subjective” is Maya or illusion. It exists in our lack of knowledge of light and darkness. It lies in our ignorance of basic design and principle of parts and the whole, which weaves them in to one whole. It lies in our ignorance of unity and inter-relationship. The objective and subjective are understood as the two inseparable opposing phases of one Quantum Reality and its pulsating existence. The objective world has its root in the subjective and its fundamental design and principle. They are light and dark phases created by the movement of light or spirit. The Truth thus exists in the light and spirit that moves. It neither exists in the objective or the subjective but between them. There exist two minds one inner and superior the other outer and inferior that drives nature. The inferior mind can never understand Truth. However an inferior mind in submission to superior can take journey to higher realms of Truth. However Absolute Truth exist in the realm of the spirit that moves constantly between the objective and subjective. Human system is built around Quantum System that has inner and outer that exist in two different planes and it exist in a similarly structured universe. It lacks a direct physical or mechanical communication. But they are communicated and linked by the Spirit that moves between the objective and subjective creating its pulsating existence. When the Universal Time cycle moves from one cycle to another under the flow of the Spirit or light, all the system of the universe perceives it and instinctively to transform into New Cycle. The only exception to it is human beings made the image of the Creator, who by his ignorance manifesting as lack of faith, breaks the Law and comes to lives by inferior mind creating the time direction leading to death, which in turn necessitates creation of New Cycle. Mankind who is creator of the vortex of death needs the assistance to transform into the New Cycle. Thus the Spirit, that embodies Love, manifest it self to reveal and thus assist his Transformation. This is the great Secret of Christian philosophy, which the so-called Christians and Christian rulers have failed to understand.



The Root of Objective and Subjective


The root of “Objective and Subjective” is Maya or illusion. It exists in our lack of knowledge of light and darkness. It lies in our ignorance of basic design and principle of parts and the whole, which weaves them in to one whole. It lies in our ignorance of unity and inter relationship. In fact the very theme of my site is an address to this fundamental aspect of design and principle of nature that exposes the unity of light and darkness and its cyclic process. The objective and subjective will dissolve into one, only when the individuated mind and consciousness Transforms through the Universal Mind and Consciousness. This is also called Enlightenment, Nirvana, Getting born in Spirit and so on. As the day and night, objective and subjective are two realities of creation in which light moves.


The ancient Knowledge, the Vedas very clearly wrote that the “objective world” is a projection of the mind. Vedas goes one more step to tell us that the universe is the projection of the mind of the Creator. If my recollection is correct the scientific research and the philosophy of “Objective and Subjective”, “Mind and Consciousness” is also directed in this same direction. The “objective and subjective” externally appears different, but as one go deeper into the subject, the flow of information seems to emerge from the “subjective” and projects into objective.  At still deeper level it leads to “I” or “Self”. No wonder the Vedas makes analysis of “Self” and “Higher Self” primal to its writings. The process of enlightenment is a process of submission of “I” into Higher “I”. Enlightenment is a process of taking birth or renewing once self in time cycle. The process takes place in the darkness of the womb and is assisted by Spirit. Ordinarily there is a gap in communication between the higher and the lower and this manifest as objective and subjective. The objective and subjective dissolves momentarily when one gets into the womb to be created again. But how do you communicate the situation to the one who has not entered it? Everything points to certain root and a cause in the root that manifest into effect, which we see in the objective world. It is this root the system design elucidates


The Truth of Communication and Information Flow


To understand the Truth of communication and flow of information, imagine a huge sphere enclosing many tiny ones of similar size. Every sphere can be divided into 8 equal components by cutting at right angles vertically twice and horizontally once. Now the enclosed sphere finds it self in one of the component part of the whole and it will have an opposite pair. It communicates to the opposite through the participation of six intermediate components. A choice now exists for the information flow and communication. It could be left to right or right to left. This means when one direction is positively influenced the other gets negatively influenced. It also means when three components in the positive direction is expanding the three components in the negative direction is contracting or vice- versa


Note ”“ we have visualized an absolute system. Absolute system are non-existent, they cannot produce any action and reaction. The system design is built on the fundamental non-equilibrium design. It is only for the ease of understanding I am projecting the above imagination.


Now there exist a unique sphere at the center. It has no pair; it is the miniature of the whole. It is the inner limit of the outer. Now just think of a disturbance in one smaller sphere in any one part of the whole. Now this disturbance gets communicated to the whole through the adjacent components as left or right winding or unwinding information. If the information and flow is to the right and is unwinding, then there is simultaneous information flow occurs in the left that is winding. In fact the second information is simultaneous and is generated from the opposite. This is the design of nature reflected in day/ night cycle. This is the foundation of Information in a system design. The question arises, how then the time elapses in the communication process we objectively realize?


The understanding comes from. The Quantum Design of the Universal Filed discussed in the article “Quantum Dance and Physics of Creation”, “Structure of Consciousness and Intelligence” and touched upon in most articles in the parental site. The fundamental non-equilibrium design of the Universal Consciousness by the act of movement of spirit or intelligence gets folded to form a Relative Equilibrium System. Visualize here number 8. In other words out of the non-equilibrium, equilibrium and balance is created by the spirit or intelligence. What this means is that no communication can occur with in this unless Universal Consciousness and Intelligence mediate it. We cannot understand nature, motion, flow and information unless we understand the Universal Medium, its design and principle.


Note ”“ We are discovering “ether” which science put down and sense still seeks.


When an equilibrium design is created out of non-equilibrium. [See Quantum Dance, Structure of Consciousness  and Physics of Soul]. A left and right and east and west, day and night separation is formed. In such a design of Universal Field, a Law forbidding the center and thereby opposite becomes a necessity to perpetuate its existence. Attempt to seek the center invariably means it take it into unstable state. No wonder Lord Forbid Adam and Eve to eat from the “Tree at the Center”. The whole world is only projection of Creator’s subjective existence. Since a human life has the same design as the Universal Living System [See Physics of Soul] he too creates an objective world of his own from his subjective reality and lives in it. But the objective world man creates is incomplete and is not full without the “Absolute Information” or “True Knowledge”. Being created to the left and right of center, existing in dark and light phase, an element doubt, fear or negativity arises when he gets exposed to dark phase and thus he seeks to conquer the opposite. So the creation is built on faith and governed by the Law not to conquer and corrupt the center there by the opposite. But man by design, in time, breaks the Law and creates a Time direction, distances from the “Real Knowledge”, gets lost in illusionary knowledge, creating a vortex of misery and death. The process also leads the whole to a dead end forcing the Creator to create again.


The Secret

The Glory of Faith and Faith as the only path to “Truth and Life” comes from this design of day and night cycle. Faith is to believe the Creator in darkness. Faith is the belief in Father and Mother and the True knowledge that you are “Created in Love” and whatever the Father imposes is for the Good. You cannot understand Father unless you see Him through the heart. The path to Truth is not mind, but a mind in submission to the heart. The path to Truth and Life is the “self” sacrifice. The sacrifice of “I”.  No wonder the Creator had to follow this path to bring life back to the Universe. [Calvary]. The “ superior I” at the Center is not “self” but Love. Ancient knowledge system the Vedas, Upanishad describes it very eloquently. Bible speaks to us the very action of this Love.


There is a classic difference in eastern and western, ancient and modern approach to Truth. The west and the modern have always approached Truth from the realm of mind to the out side of life. The east and the ancient have approached the problem from mind to the inside of life. Both have failed. At least the east has grown closer to Truth and even realized Truth but was defeated in the objective. Everybody who seeks Truth from the realm of mind and “self” is bound to fail. Faith and His Grace is the only path to Truth.


When Christ declared Himself God He probably was that unique sphere at the center that is a miniature of whole formed in time, capable of perceiving the whole and even the smallest vibration anywhere in the body instantaneously. He was the selected seed of the Father that wins the race to make life, sacrificing its “self” to enter the womb and create new body out of the old, initialize it and thereby perpetuate in Time cycle.  He is thus rightly declared the “First Born”. All living system exists in Time Cycle. It takes birth and dies. This rule is applicable to the Universal System. At Calvary the Death of Universal System is averted. A “New Wave” and world is conceived within in the old wave and the world. The Living Tree is real, but perpetuation and survival in the Tree that is subservient to Time, needs submission and reduction and entry into the seed. It is this great secret that Jesus showed at Calvary and His call to follow His path is a call to enter the New Tree and Time that is unfolding. No body can enter it, unless one submits to His Spirit in the Womb. He left the world ordering His disciples to take the Good News to the world. He said He would Come-Again to give Judgment. He knew He was in the third critical point of Quantum World and His spirit was let loose so that it unfolds takes the whole system beyond that fatal critical point that was concealed and enfolded.  The spirit chose a womb in submission to serve Him in His goal, Like wise He would chose a mind in His submission to Reveal such that the whole gets initialized to the Kingdom of God. He said very clearly that nothing secret would remain, everything will be revealed. [See Cycle of Genesis] Only this Revelation can bring order to the world that is endangered by partial physical and spiritual knowledge. In short the world was created in Knowledge, the New World and New Time, peace and order can only come this world when the True Knowledge, the unity and inter relationship reveals.


The problems with modern man and our scientific world is that it has not put its foundation right. He separated mind from matter as he pursued his quest to conquer and corrupt nature, but the controller has directed the evolution of science to a state where mankind cannot ignore mind and consciousness from the study of matter. His intelligence and consciousness is being stressed by Time cycle to evolve into higher order of unity with Universal Consciousness and Intelligence and thus experience Truth. However, Truth exists in entirely different plane than in which our mind moves. It exists in the realm of heart not in mind. Faith is the submission of the mind and its realm to the superior that guides and controls the whole. It is the way of reducing oneself such that he enters from vegetative to reproductive state to get a place in the seed that conquers Time.


This means the God and man, the creator and created always exist in two opposing realm. [See God and man]. This also means there is inner mind [spirit] and inner body and outer mind [spirit] outer body. The outer becomes simply the reflection or the projection of the inner. This separation is what I pointed in the design of the universal system and the design of particle around which human life is constructed. [See Physics of the Soul, Consciousness and Intelligence] There is no direct communication possible between these two realms. The root of objective and subjective existence exist in this lack of direct communication. A communication can however occur at the spiritual realm the realm of the heart and in the creation process.


The moments of transformation, conception and birth is supported by inner spirit. The spirit exists in the fundamental building blocks the system they go to form and the whole. When Time Cycles changes, the Transformation occurs simultaneously and naturally in all of them except in human system, which by design is separated from the central core and live by his mind and in its realm [ the objective world]. In fact his life in the realm of mind than in the realm of heart and his lack of faith manifesting as disobedience is the cause of TIME direction and imbalance. His transformation thus needs mediation. The history of religion tells us of three instances in which God incarnated in human form and participated in the war for Justice. These possibly are the three critical points of Quantum action and reaction [See article – Quantum World and Quantum Action]. The third point was critical and crucial. Here the war was replaced by Love, Law was overlooked and freedom was given to help the Transformation of the individuated system and so that the world can return to order. [See article God and man, Cycle of Genesis, Quantum Dance, Intelligent Design] The order cannot come to this world unless He reveals and makes the Second Coming.  The whole realm of mind and consciousness can be explained from this fundamental reality of life and its existence in dark and light phase. I am sure the proposal of a particle behind life separated form the mind, body and its information will raise many eye brows, but when understood it can lead to revolutions in our approach to food, health, agriculture, medication and so on. In short the foundation of all branches of knowledge will change drastically.


The design of particle behind human life separated from the mind, body, its information and its existence in a similarly designed Living Universe that the article “Physics of Soul” presents you is the essential separation of objective and subjective world. But they are related by the spirit or energy. The whole design of body and the information is folded as energy packet in the particle or “Atom of Life”. The “Atom of life” we note has two parts a center which form the soul and the cover which form the spiritual body [See Physics of Soul]. The body and information we deal with in science are built on this spiritual body by a simple process by which balance gets balanced. [See Dynamic Information -this aspect will be discussed further with the applied aspect at length]. All disturbances stressing the system is perceived as energy and waves. The core perceives and readjusts to balance the system constantly. When it is subjected to near critical states it also develops new qualitative and quantum information. The information is enfolded in the core as energy packets. These packets of energy unfold and enfold in cycles of time.


The living system is constantly subjected to random and abrupt disturbance from nature in which it exists. These disturbances are often held as positive and negative packets of energy in the particle and hinder the enfolding and unfolding process or the pulse. The system tries to expel them in the unfolding state or when the mind sleeps. The spiritual body is the field in which the exchange possibly takes place. The outer mind that is not entered proper sleep perceives these exchanges initiated by the inner mind. There is an essential conflict here. The inner mind works from the foundation of “Truth and Life”. But the outer mind works from the realm of outer physical world and what it perceives from the five senses.


The “origin of dreams” probably exists in this essential conflict or war of two minds. If the inner mind fails to dispel, the negative energy it manifest as diseases is a process by which the system is trying to dispel the negative energy. The system also can develop information to cope with it. The foundation of modern medical system beaks here. [See Fundamentals of Medical Practices at the Gene Level]. The ancient knowledge of Art of Living, the spiritual and medical practices etc., seems to originate form perception of this basic reality and has immense depth than what we superficially understand. This aspect will be dealt in detail as the time permits. The increases in natural catastrophes and drastic climate change can also be explained by the accumulation of negative energies and natures instinctive action to release it. [see Origin of Natural Catastrophes]



In the revival of spirituality we already are witnessing the “Strange Attractor” of the non-linear world as a hope for the disordered and endangered world. But the reality cannot actualize unless the Spirit Reveals the “Hidden Secret”. It is quite apparent that we are heading for disaster. At our depth every individual perceive this danger vaguely and is turning restless; yet the rulers who rule by mind and exist with a conquering motive and corruption are not willing perceive the Truth and act. They feel secure under the power of the material force that science has given them, they stick to it, in spite of the fact that all the weapons of mass destruction they have developed has turned against their survival and they stand naked and help less under the fear of their own inventions. This is combined with the fact that mother earth is turning violent, is making human life miserable in spite of all the advancement he has made through science. It is apparent that modern scientific world will not retreat one inch backward unless it perceives the Truth as an advancement of science it self.


Much before my initialization into faith, the day I stood with my consciousness to revolt against the science and its system, the day I separated my search from my “self”, I could perceive the disaster to which the world is moving. This is exactly why I began to work on the foundation of science and restructure it on to a new foundation. The New Foundation revealed it self when I sacrificed my inferior mind at the foot of the superior mind that rules. It is here that the Greater led me to the Inner Secret of Nature. No one can go any where near Truth unless one submits his mind to his consciousness. Consciousness is the reality of nature. The Spirit or Brahman exists in it. No one can understand Spirit unless the spirit chooses to reveal. It acts as the “Controller of Time” and the pulsating existence of the Quantum World.


The day I was initiated into faith, I knew the duty I have to perform; I have struggled at it against the odds. I am convinced what is revealed to me will spread to the world to facilitate people to get Transformed before Time Cycle changes.  The only question left is how much pain and suffering this world has to take before this will happen. As I write this article I only cross my hand and pray.


I don’t know how the Mayans came to conclude 2012 as the “End of Time”, from what I perceive it appears to be true. The Quantum Wave associated with the Quantum World is Collapsing and is stressing for the birth of New wave and New Time. The Loving Father is working to save the endangered world and His creation. He and His knowledge and His secret are accessible to every one who approaches Him with positive intent, but mankind with “self” fail to approach Him with positive intent. So the Creator acts to save His creation through Forgiveness and retrieve mankind into His Kingdom with Knowledge.


You are welcome to comment, seek clarification or further explanations. If time/energy and His will permits I will speak to elaborate it.