The Significance of Candle Colors

When an individual is trying to activate or awaken the various charkas, there are many different colors to turn to that will achieve the results you desire. For results with the 1st chakra, you may want to choose a cranberry red candle, which is associated with passion, energy, courage, love, as well as enthusiasm. When the absorption and elimination of negative energy is a desire, a candle that is black should be selected. For matters dealing with the 2nd chakra, an orange candle is suggested. This color is associated with strength, attraction, success, joy, as well as authority. Another candle color helpful for the 2nd chakra is the shade of apricot, which is associated with a calming strength, as well as joy.


The 3rd chakra can be reached when using a yellow candle, which deals with the mind, communication, clairvoyance, as well as learning. There are a variety of colors associated with the 4th chakra, such as green candles. It is no wonder that this color of candle is associated with money, as well as lucky, fertility, prosperity and healing. Other colors to keep in mind for the 4th chakra are pink, apple green and cherry red. Pink deals with affection, harmony, and the kind of love that comes from emotions, as well as from the bonds made in regards to friendship. Emotional healing, protection, as well as achieving a calming state can be found through the color of apple green. Cherry red candles add to the love that an individual has for themselves, as well as creating stronger relationships with others.


The 5th chakra uses the color blue to create results in the fields of meditation, healing and tranquility. It can also be used to reach forgiveness within a person. A purple candle can be used to awaken the 6th chakra, which also has results pertaining to psychic awareness. The purple color is also associated with wisdom and spirituality. Deep wisdom is associated with the color of silver blue, which is also used in relation to the 6th chakra. The color white has always been used in association to peace and purity and is also looked upon in the same regard when dealing with the 7th chakra. Other details connected to this candle color are the subjects of protection, as well as truth.


There are additional colors to keep in mind when burning a candle. They may not necessarily directly affect a particular chakra, but they are associated with different aspects that one may wish to attain when burning a candle. For example, a candle that is lavender may be used to reach certain levels in regards to intuition and dignity. The yin and the yang are also represented throughout the use of candles. The color gold is attached to the yang and the color silver is attached to the yin. A gold candle also represents prosperity and the Sun, where the silver candle is a representation of the Moon, as well as identifies with the female energy.