The soul and its reincarnations

Each of us is a living being, or soul within this material body. The soul is full of consciousness as opposed to dead inanimate matter. Reincarnation is the process by which the soul regains a new material body. She is temporarily caught in this body and therefore falsely identifies with it at the time of her birth. The soul puts on a new body when the old one is worn out, just as a man puts on new clothes when his old one is worn out.

The journey of the soul from body to body is made possible by our subtle desires and our karma. Words such as reincarnation (rebirth) and transmigration (soul migration) have been present for many centuries in the human race.
This universe is filled with billions of spiritual souls transmigrating from one body to another. From the smallest amoeba to the elephant, all living organisms consist of two basic components: the material body and the spiritual soul. The material body is lifeless; the soul is the spark of life.
So, does this transmigration of the soul from one body to another occur by itself or under some higher authority?

The Bhagavad-gita says that every soul learns its lesson and is sometimes punished or rewarded for the bad or good deeds that it has done during its human life. By learning her lessons, she creates and repays her karma. According to the Bhagavad-gita, after many births and deaths, one who acquires true knowledge surrenders to the Supreme Source, knowing that He is the cause of all causes and all in all. Only a self-aware soul can free himself from the shackles of karma completely and return to the spirit world, but such a soul is truly rare. The activities we do in this body determine our next body. The Vedas say that the transmigration of the soul does not happen at random. If in one life we act sinfully, in the next life we will be born in the form of a beast.

Many opponents of reincarnation raise doubts and the question: If we lived before this life, then why can’t we remember our past?
Reincarnation offers hope for many. If we fail to sort things out in this life, we have the opportunity to do so next time. But even those who believe in reincarnation admit that they do not remember their previous lives. How, then, can we learn from the mistakes of the past if we cannot remember them?
But there is a way to see our previous doings. Through regression in past lives, we can get a peek into the past reincarnations. We can maybe succeed to understand why certain things are happening to us.
While trying this, you can always play this past life regression isochronic tones that will surely make your travel into the past reincarnations of your soul easier and clearer and more successful: