The subtle electrical phenomena in DNA and RNA

A New Understanding of Aging and Disease

based on subtle electrical phenomena in DNA and RNA

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A New Understanding of Aging and Disease

based on subtle electrical phenomena in DNA and RNA

DNA is composed of simple chemicals strung together like beads which

form molecules known as bases. There are only four types of these bases

and they are :

Thymine – Adenine – Cytosine – Guanine

Hereafter called T A C G


Each base is attached to a sugar molecule (deoxyribose) and a phosphate

molecule in the DNA. The base is directly attached to the sugar.

These base-sugar-phosphate units of DNA are called nucleotides.

When nucleotides are linked together, they form the chain we call DNA.

DNA chains are stupefyingly long. A virus consists of about 200,000

nucleotides, a bacterium about 2 million and a human cell about 1

BILLION (1,000,000,000)!

Human DNA is broken up into 46 chromosomes in each of our 6.3 trillion

body cells. Chromosomes are microscopic rod-shaped bodies which carry

genes. Genes carry hereditary information and are made up of DNA.

Genes make proteins and control enzymes. Enzymes in turn control all

cellular functions.

All the DNA in a cell is contained in the chromosomes.

If all DNA of one human cell were laid out straight, it would be about 1

yard long.

If this DNA string is imagined as a flexible ladder, it would have about

6 billion steps. The rails which form the ladder are composed of 70%

sugar and 30% phosphate.

Each of the steps is composed of the four bases, A-G-T-C. These steps

are secured to the rails by atoms of hydrogen, known as hydrogen bonds

(the hydrogen atom has only one electron and one proton).

The electrons orbit in a clockwise direction if contacting a phosphate

section and counter-clockwise at a sugar section.

At the end of A-Adenine and T-Thymine, the electrons spin clockwise

where it connects with the hydrogen atoms.

At the end of G-Guanine and C-Cytosine, the electrons spin counter-

clockwise where it connects with the hydrogen atoms.

This 4-based section which is analogous to a stair step is called a base

pair. This means the DNA is formed by 12 billion nucleotides which form

stairsteps held together by two flexible rods.

These rods twist to form a circular staircase which is termed the double

helix of the DNA molecule.

Every one of the 6.3 trillion human cells has at least one DNA.


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When a new cell is formed, the DNA must make a perfect pattern of


This is thought to be done by splitting the ladder along the middle of

the step and reforming two DNA’s absolutely identical and with the same

coded sequence.

In order to form a new DNA, another 12 billion nucleotides are required.

A cell nucleus has at least 8 different types of virus, either RNA or

DNA. There are 4 RNA types which have an overall negative charge.

There are 4 DNA types which have an overall positive charge.

Each pair of virus (one negative RNA and one positive DNA) attract each

other to establish a bipole.

This bipole must be adequately established to provide protection from

external electric, magnetic, or acoustic fields. The bipole can also be

affected by internal fields generated from excessive stress or loss of

systemic vitality due to illness, lack of rest or a multitude of other


The bipole also provides a means for the accumulation and storage of

electrical energy by making use of the properties of a virus.

Viruses which are inactive take a crystalline form. This crystalline

form possesses piezoelectric properties which makes it sensitive to

electric and acoustic waves, much as a microphone or antenna. They can

therefore either receive or transmit electrical or pressure (acoustic)


If a virus is in an active mode as is found in the cell nucleus, either

one DNA or one RNA will be covered with protein. Even in an active

status, a virus will possess the characteristics of a crystal which

allows it to be sensitive to very high sound frequencies.

An acoustic frequency up to 5 MHZ (yes, acoustic pressure waves can be

generated up to and beyond 4 million cycles as shown in the Olympus

Acoustic Scanning Microscope) causes the two viruses to continuously

vibrate against each other to produce a strain effect.

When this strain effect is created in two crystals, electrical energy is

produced which adds to the cellular vitality of all affected cells.

If an ultrahigh acoustic frequency (over 5 MHZ) is applied, an isolated

inactive virus can be so excited as to cause a rapid temperature

transition. This brings about disintegration on a cellular level.

This is much like the resonance effect of the Rife Frequency Generator.

In the case of Rife, energy is applied to cell structures either

acoustically or inductively from an external source. This causes the

cell membranes to extend beyond their eleastic recovery limit which

results in disruption and cellular death.

The technique described in this paper develops the energy directly

within the cell using its own “batteries”.




Page 3





A one meter long Yagi antenna is a direct analog for human DNA. This

calculates to a tuned radio emission with a bandwidth from 375 MHZ to

385 MHZ.

Sound frequencies are used in the body for several purposes.

1) used by the DNA to acoustically scan for the determination

of what type of RNA is required

2) maintain the virus as an active bipole by the piezoelectric

effect brought on by the strain of the high frequency waves

between the two viruses of RNA and DNA

The DNA is under the constant bombardment of charged ions traveling

through the nervous system. These charged ions serve to modulate the

system frequencies which develop a high frequency sound in the range of

1.9 MHZ to 2 MHZ. Since a resonant structure will absorb a frequency

identical in phase and amplitude to itself, then a non-resonant

frequency will be reflected as an echo. The detection of this returning

echo effectively determines what type of protein (nucleotide) is missing

in the cell.

The complexities multiply at this point, so for the duration of this

paper, we will use the principle of K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid).

There are basically 3 controlling factors which involve the successful

reproduction of an identical DNA molecule :

1) The amount of kinetic energy associated with the electron in the

Hydrogen bonds. (acts as the glue which holds the base pairs

(stair steps) together and secured to the helix sugar/phosphate


2) The number of base pairs per turn in the double helix of DNA.

(controls the amount of electrical energy or cellular vitality by

acting as the secondary of a Tesla coil which has the ability to

alter its length and therefore its electrical potential)

3) The kinetic energy and frequency of the charged ions which travel

along the nervous system. (controls the ability of DNA/RNA to

precisely map the DNA pattern and duplicate it without error)

Aging and the reproduction of defective DNA is caused by a lack of

cellular vitality which is brought about by a twisting of the DNA helix

as the organism ages. Since the DNA molecule only has a given number of

base pairs (stair steps) due to its fixed length, this twisting adds

more turns which consequently reduces the number of base pairs in each

turn. Effectively, # YEARS/# TURNS = # BASE PAIRS.

As the organism goes through the birth, maturation and death cycle, the

DNA helix twists to “squeeze” out the number of base pairs (stair steps)

per turn, this can be shown by the following :

The DNA of the embryo cell in a mothers womb contains 46 base pairs

per turn.

In the 6th week of pregnancy, the DNA in the embryo cell has 34

base pairs per turn.


Page 4





In the 10th lunar month, a single DNA (half from the mother, half

from the father) has reproduced itself more than 6 trillion times.

When the baby is born, the process of reproduction decreases due to

the rapid twisting of the DNA helix.

At the age of 2 years, the DNA has twisted to reduce the number of

base pairs to 22 per turn.

At the age of 21, the base pairs are 14 per turn.

From the age of 35 to about 55, the base pairs stabilize somewhat

at 10 per turn.

At around 55 years of age and beyond, the 10 base pairs per turn

reduce to 6 and continue to decrease until the organism achieves


The kinetic energy of the electrons in the Hydrogen bonds coupled with

the reduced energy of the charged ions from the nervous system are so

weak that the DNA stops reproducing itself and the aging process begins

to wreak havoc with the body.

In addition, the steadily reducing number of base pairs as life

progresses acts to slowly reduce the vitality of the system on a

cellular level.

This makes the “scanning” of the RNA by the DNA increasingly sensitive

to outside sources of interference.

If these outside sources of interference are applied while the

“scanning” process is occurring, the resulting pattern will be more or

less distorted from the original. If this occurs en masse, cancer and a

host of other diseases can occur.

Using Synergetic concepts, we can understand how a collective behavior

could be established in the body to force maverick tissues such as

cancer or other diseases resulting from distorted DNA, to become

enslaved to a ruling order parameter for the establishment of optimum

health and youth.

Indications are that there are two beneficial effects which result from

application of these concepts.

1) Disease can be halted and the body restored to optimum health

by the restoration of the DNA to the maximum vitality. The

DNA pattern is no longer subject to outside distortion and

therefore becomes self-optimizing.

2) Aging can be halted and reversed by as much as 30 years

dependent on the desired cellular vitality based on the number

of base pairs per turn. Hair darkens, skin tightens,

digestion improves, hormones and enzymes resurge, etc..

The technique would involve the application of an inductive field to

irradiate the body for a short time. The longer the body is within the

field, the more DNA replications will occur due to the natural birth,

life and death of all bodily tissues as proven by Dr. H.S. Burr of Yale.


Page 5





Each replication will create a DNA which possesses successively higher

vitalities. This ever increasing cellular energy slowly “untwists” the

DNA which increases the number of base pairs per turn.

The result is the reversal of aging and the restoration of the DNA to an

optimum pattern. This restoration dissipates the patterns which allow

disease to exist in the body.

During the time of the exposure, the natural replication of DNA under

the influence of an inductive energy field would cause the “new” DNA to

be copied with the desired number of base pairs.

This is brought about by an artifically induced lengthening of the Tesla

coil secondary which increases the amount of electical potential.

The increased electrical potential on a cellular level “untwists” the

DNA helix which allows more base pairs (stair steps) per turn to be

duplicated for each duplication.

This gradual increase in cellular vitality automatically gives the

DNA/RNA scanning process more energy to both record and duplicate the

old pattern onto a fresh duplicate. This in turn, increases the rate of

duplication for the removal of dead and dying tissues in the body.

Thus wrinkles, toxins and various other problems which degrade the

efficiency of the organism are removed. Youth and maximum health is

restored and maintained through periodic application of the inductive


Thinking in Tesla coil terms, a primary coil with a winding of 10 turns

is inductively coupled to a secondary winding of 100 turns. If a

current of 1 ampere at 10 volts is applied to the primary, a voltage of

(10:100 or 1:10) 100 volts at 100 milliamps will be developed at the


If the DNA is thought of as being a secondary and the number of base

pairs (stair steps) per turn is equivalent to the windings in a

secondary, we can see how a reduction in windings or stair steps would

result in less electrical potential (cellular vitality).

This in turn making the DNA progressively sensitive to outside stimuli

for an eventual mix-up and distortion in the DNA pattern. These DNA

distortions directly affect the formation of the genes which control

enzymes which control all cellular functions. Without intelligent

control of the duplication process, aging, disease and or death are


In order to retard the aging process and reduce the possibility of

disease, what factors must we take into consideration?

1) We must find a means of stretching or untwisting the DNA so that

we can increase the number of base pairs per turn to a level of

approximately 10 or more dependent on the desired age.

2) We must find a means of increasing the kinetic energy in the

electron of the Hydrogen bonds.




Page 6





3) We must increase the energy of the charged ions which flow

through the nervous system. This is best done by proper diet and


What safety precautions must we also take into consideration?

1) The more devitalized, old or weak the body is, the more subject

is the DNA to outside influences, therefore, the applied energy

must be of sufficiently low amplitude to prevent repelling the

weakened hydrogen bonds. As the system is progressively

strengthened, the field magnitude can be gradually increased for

further strengthening.

2) We must experiment to determine the duration and magnitude of

induced energies acceptable to increase the number of base pairs

per turn in order to determine the limits of regression.

What are some avenues to investigate beyond those already tested?

1) Magnetics, refer Davis and Rawls work with monopolar fields.

North pole energies cause an increase in surface tension and an

increased life span, South pole energies cause a decrease in

surface tension and a burnout due to excess vitality in the

system which leads to premature aging and death.

2) Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator uses electrostatic induction for

a wide range of frequencies into the body. A duplication of the

original version as designed by Tesla would directly saturate the

body with scalar type energy.

3) Secondary coupling using electro-magnetics which treats the DNA

as a Tesla coil. This would directly add energy to the system.

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