They’re Still With You

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Although I have since conducted many hundreds of ‘readings’, I much prefer
helping people to embrace my accidental discovery.

Early in 2002, I was no more psychic than any ‘normal’ person. I believed in
‘Heaven’, an afterlife, but contacting people in it was just ridiculous. I
watched a TV show, and whilst being quite skeptical, was interested that maybe,
just maybe, some gifted people can contact those who have ‘crossed over’.

I had the advantage of not knowing a thing about psychic contact, other than
what occurred in the film “Ghost” with Demi Moore and Whoppi Goldberg.
I still have very little understanding of the so-called experts, their beliefs,
or the methods or ‘equipment’ some use to supposedly contact the afterlife. I
have since learned there are hundreds of ways people use to ‘contact’ passed
family, including candles, music, meditation, incense, and so much more.

No. You don’t need all of that. You
see, I just laid down to go to sleep that night after watching the TV show, and
starting wondering, “is it possible?” No knowing how you were
‘supposed’ to do this, I just thought, “I wonder if anyone’s around me,

The oddest thing happened. I almost
instantly felt something. I can’t really describe it, but it was something. Not
knowing what it was all about, I said, in my mind, to this ‘thing’ or
‘presence’, “tell me something” . I suppose I was expecting a birthday
or name, or favorite food or something. But that’s not what happened.

I ‘heard’ the word “soft” in
my head. Just momentarily. It wasn’t really spoken, it was like a thought pushed
into my head. I’m thinking ‘what on earth does that mean’ and I was sure it was
my own imagination as I was drifting off to sleep. Immediately I thought that, I
‘heard’ the words ‘ask her’ (my wife, laying beside me, drifting off to sleep).

I said to her (after I woke her up!), that I thought I ‘had something’ come
through. I kind of lost her at that point!! I can’t remember what she said
but she wasn’t impressed. I said, does the word ‘soft’ mean anything to you? She
initially replied no, but at that point, I ‘imagined’ for a second there were 3
ladies beside me, as if they were connected to her. I asked is there anyone back
home (England) that this could relate to? She
was quite excited as she said her favourite (departed) auntie was called
because she was so soft and cuddly, and she used to have 3
aunties (I only knew of one). I then went on to describe several brief
‘images’ in my head, which turned out to be from England from around 1930’s,
which we had to verify from my mother-in-law, which turned out to be the house
she first lived in when she married, complete with a huge postbox outside the
front window across the road!

If I had dismissed that first thought,
everything I want to share with you would have been lost
. Thank goodness
I persevered.

I have since come to understand anyone can embrace my simple method of
talking with the person you want, from the other side, and then verify the
experience was real. I have placed
several pages of explanation on my
website [www.philg.net.au ] along with my
YouTube video ‘Coffee Time”: 
on how to contact family in the
afterlife, which will help you harness this wonderful gift. Do take the
time to look over the material.


you know someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one, I know this
information will comfort them,
well as the lovely poem “Don’t
Grieve – for I am with you” on the web


Take care – Phil.