Truth New Year 2007 Message

To all of us, we wish a wonder-filled 2007. May we all be there in
Oneness at the Last Supper of the Night we are traveling together as
The One, and enjoy the delights of its manifold tastes before Light
breaks open and wide in the unfolding of the Morning of our REAL
existence as the IS.

Greetings to all, and many blessings. The
cusp of W-In-t(o) (h)er has infolded the Sun of our Existence in its
freezing grip again, and during the long nights of our new winter, we
need to pause and take account and hold of our inner strengths,
weaknesses, and stores of reserves, in trying to bridge our Fall as
Mankind to our possible Spring back into a blazing and radiating Summer
Sun, revived and born again from our inner hearts.

I went
yesterday into a deep meditation within the One Light, and received a
message from the Oneness, which I will share with you below.

year’s New Year’s celebrations were luring me as I watched them taking
millions across the globe into a spirit of hope, wishes, and happiness
spreading its magnificence in a contagion of smiling faces. For one
day, no dark events, disasters, or lack of inner spirit darkened the
magnificent faces of Humanity. I watched, partook in the smiling
energy, and remembered.

I remembered when only 6 years ago on the
Eve of the Millennium, all nations on the face of Earth, from the
mightiest countries to the tiniest of islands, went into common and
heart-felt celebrations of the great adventure of being part of the
multi-faceted Kaleidoscope which we project as Man-kind when we feel
the Great Spirit of Oneness which is at the very core of our beings.

midnight January 1, 2000, spread its gentle presence across the world,
broadcasts were following the magnificent celebrations offered by each
and every nation as a gift to its brethrens in the adventure which Life

What a moment frozen into the eternity of The One this was!
Veils of doubts, old programs and associated passions, had been brought
down by Oneness, in order for us to experience in advance what our
future IS to be when we all know ourselves as One and united within the
flagship of joy of having reunited a divided family originating from
the same Father and Mother as One.

And very shortly after that,
darkness attacked again, when we least expected it. Surreptitiously at
first; ensnaring us all into old beliefs of separateness. And then more
violently so, causing us to lock ourselves again into a Dark Age’s
mentality. We had started the Exodus from slavery of old oppressive
beliefs and grasped Light, but had lost our understanding that all
movement into a direction of Oneness causes an automatic
counter-movement reacting to it, for such are the laws by which our
inner and outer reflected Nature were created in the wheel of Life.

first we were all stunned; shocked back into old reflexes.
Nationalisms, old beliefs in the One Energy Source being different and
opposing gods called by different names, and all the aspects which
promote separateness and differentiation amongst us were the first
instinctive refuge for so many. Armies were rumbling the trumpets of
war everywhere. The earth was shaking again with their robot-like heavy
steps. The darkness of fear was greeted with vengeful battle cries. And
the explosion happened again.

At first, its resolution was touted
as obvious. The many would conquer by the sheer force of multitudes and
accumulated power that this illusion gives us the One’s lesser
fortunate ones in number or capacity. All opposing sides were taking
count of their quantity of accumulated consciousness. The many would
conquer the One, was the battle cry!

The One, through so many
ways again, was trying to first forewarn the many that they were erring
again on the path of separation and belief in the conquest by the many
of the lesser and of the Idea of One. Little credence was given to it.
Mankind blindly again walked into an ever repeating trap. Because of
the nature of its misconceptions, much of what was needed and was
starting to be healed bled again, and the wounds became deeper. The
rift between man and man was becoming ever increasingly, and in an
exponential way, greater. And so was the gap between man and his Mother

Many at first saw the ploy and danger, but as more and
more of man attacked its Self, many got tired of the pain of destroyed
hopes and turned a blind eye to the pillaging and raping that the
spoils of the conqueror were inflicting upon the natural world, and
their human brethrens.

Peace, if it were to be achieved, would
again come from the final exhaustion of the protagonists, until the
next round. Or so it was perceived.

Whole generations were
becoming at risk. This was unprecedented in human history. There was an
inner revelation and undertaking that not only a tribe, country,
culture, religion, or color were threatened but that future generations
getting evermore closer to our own, would be at risk of not surviving
or be decimated. The idea of the end of all of mankind became part of
the gestalt conscious awareness of man, first expressed almost
rejoicingly so by some distorted minds corrupted within the grips of
false degenerations of old spiritual belief systems, and then within a
much grimmer reality when wave after wave of scientists realized that
we were really on the brink of annihilation or impending great
disasters of a magnitude which defies existence. The force within
mankind which for eons cherishes such events, was telling us “I told
you so!” “It has been already written.” “It is in a book.” “Holy Fate!”
“Karma!” “You deserve it!” “The future is already inscribed and static,
not a game of probabilities which you can change!” “You have no
individual power, no real input!” “Watch the horror show I have
prepared for the sinners or the un-this and un-that!” “You and yours
will be saved and elevated in this glorious fight, so why care?”

started believing that the future was only a reality show that he would
watch on a screen, and not experience in his own flesh-and-blood. The
Trickster had done well Its job, for so It is programmed to do. The
dice were thrown. We were slowly sinking into un-consciousness. Our
inner Light was extinguishing itself. Most chose the way of inner
denial within their own created world, not realizing that All IS One
and interconnected. Nothing can escape that One and Only Reality, as
the “Nothing” of SepAraTedNess threw us into a false and powerful sense
of separation. The reality was that when one Light was plunging into
unconsciousness, it was affecting all the lights of humanity: for The
One was sinking with it.

Many parts of Humanity were already
suffering, and in great pain. Others were falling into non-being
through numbing their senses of awareness. Chemically or naturally
produced and pushed drugs and alcohol were helping the process of
dimming the Inner Light of awareness.

Problems were piling up.
The balance of Mankind and Nature was swaying dangerously close to a
perceived precipice. So why not rejoice and enjoy the day, one day at a
time, and try to forget what you cannot control or see?

The One was trying to speak to our inner heart, for that is where its Kingdom lies. Most were deaf to its Small Inner Voice.

children of our future Dream were becoming aware that theirs was the
generation which would most probably have to bear the brunt of the
Madness of their parents. They were remaining much more aware than
their heavily adulterated parents, as we were slowly killing their
future. The pain was too great to bear for many, so that they
instinctively sought refuge in the same immediate solution of immediate
pleasures and gratification, sensing as instinctive parts of Mother
Nature, the necessity to enjoy life when they still could. Our
spiritual and political leaders were inept and uninspiring, mostly
ignorant of Oneness and misguided. We were slowly losing faith in the
belief of a possible future.

Night was slowly engulfing Creation, and night-mares were everywhere, either as potentials or already felt realities.

you ever heard the story? Do you really want to continue and experience
its unfolding? Do you want to experience the end as a REAL end?

have read books and volumes about it. You have watched TV shows and
movies about all the possible ending destructive paths. You were
already born into it and programmed, religiously so – as small innocent
children – into its beliefs.

Do you want to experience your
darkest nightmares? In your flesh, with the pain which your senses give
you? Have you lost your senses? Have you gone mad?

Are we all going mad?

Has A-DAM as the One Higher Consciousness of ALL of mankind fallen into an inverted tree, as A-MAD-Man?

you are all watching the lives of Hollywood stars as the little lights
of your reality TV-like life, please stop and ponder if the real show
of LIFE-as-we-know-it is unfolding its tentacles without you having a
say in it, while you are stuck watching cartoon-like characters. For
that is what is happening, and ONLY because YOU AGREED to become asleep
at the wheel, or drunk on reality alteration stories, and are inviting
a crash. You hold the ultimate power, which is to wake up to One and to
Oneness Itself.

Are you going to fight the wars of the No-thing
about nothing? How long are you going to watch the political and
spiritual pawns of Nothing and their dramas about NO-Thing which only
serve separation and may engulf us into the No-Thing, if we allow it,
by not waking up and shaking it loose?

You are the only and real
Stars of your show. Please look at yourselves. Care about yourselves,
for you inner core Selves know themselves as One.

Do you remember
the eve of the New Millennium? How long ago was it? Can’t we all bring
that feeling amongst ourselves back and let go of all our inner demons,
once and for all? Of course we can, and we will!

Starting right now.

make the choice. That is your free-will. I know my decision, and
frankly I also know yours, for we all originate from the same One Seed,
and, deep in your self, you long for that moment of recognition of your
Light, as you then start the inner great fire of Real Passion for Life
and not Passion for Death, and express it as total Love – a Love which
will burn all barriers and frontiers; a Love which we are definitely
going to experience soon as One Creation as we all awake.

Enough of repeating His-Story! Time to start Our-Story, and enjoy it to its fullest and brightest potential.

to bring about our co-creative potential which is immense and infinite,
and reboot the old programs from the Nothing
fighting-and-dying-about-nothing. Eat from the Tree of Life and not
from the Tree of Death. So say I, and in that act you shall not die

Unless you are so obsessed with the INTIMATE knowledge
of the Tree of Good and Evil that you do not realize that this very
obsession which you have with destroying and killing what YOU perceive
as Evil is the very root which spreads Death and Destruction amongst
your interconnected Selves.

You can do it. It is your right as part of One.

Don’t let your old beliefs blind you. Don’t let old programs assail you.

You are revisiting the Old Genesis of your Life backwards, back to its One-And-Only Source.

can exists outside of One, the rest is only reality TV which you make
your reality as you watch its empty and dangerous show, throwing you
into a sleep-like state.

The force of the Nothing fighting about
nothing is only there because YOU give it force and attention. It is
NOTHING, as long as you make it what it is as the ultimate illusion in
the One Show of the One: Creation. It has no power and dies, as you
pull away from its intoxicating drink. Time to sober up!

stop this tube of emptiness which is ruling your life, or, at the very
least, start by changing the channel and watch loving shows in order to
remember that you are that Love, you are that laughter, you are that
Life, you are that Romance, and then finally shut the old stories off,
and Create your OWN.

Happy Creation 2007!

Before I share
the message I want to below, let me state that starting in the next 10
days and going on henceforth, for the ones who are really ready to
challenge and absorb material which may allow them to de-program
themselves once-and-for-All from old forms of thoughts proven again and
again to be self-destructive, I will share some knowledge which is part
of the start of my attempt to lighten up the load and baggage we carry,
and make us at the very least question our beliefs about Truth. The
Truth is that it is the questions which motivate us to change. The
Answer to All is in the Question! Do not stop questioning for that is
what will propel you to new vistas, new frontiers breaking infernal
cycles of painful revisiting of His-story.

Nevertheless, you have
free-will. Free-will to stay static, or to enter a dynamic of real
change. Nevertheless, if you decide to stay static within your belief
systems, I beg you for One’s sake to pause and truly state that you
feel that the path you are within now will ensure your present and your
probable future as a reality which you really want to EXPERIENCE,
intimately so and with full awareness. And if it is so, then you would
have made a Real Creative act in choosing that probable future and
making it you reality.

This is why only individuals who want to
be exposed to the material, which I will start to reveal, and make
their own inner direct judgment about it and integrate it in their own
Creative ways within their existence, as Conscious Beings, will be
exposed to it. For the Real World is a world of Ideas. That is all the
One Mind can Be. That is why only the ones who desire to question ideas
will be given a link to the restricted (for now) area of our website,
so they can climb back the Tree of their deep Inner awareness.

it should be so, for you must understand that just by being exposed to
an idea for even a moment will make you change and evolve as you give
it emotions and energy. Remember New Year 2000 and what you felt then!

This is a message from the Oneness, received on December 31, 2006, which I want to share with you now.

is a Holy year. In this year much of what mankind considers to be
Reality will be decided. There has been a big gap between reality and
its perception.

Much of what is happening below the feet of man,
above his head, and within him, has gone unnoticed, to the real dismay
of The One who has been trying to send warnings through many direct
channels and through a multitude of events. Even though the One knows
Himself to Be One, that notion is so far remote from His Creatures that
the mere mentioning of it often brings great discomfort to them.

the next period of Creation, a time limit needs to be set to the
perception of non-interference by the Godliness in the affairs of
mankind. When that moment is reached, the dice would have been thrown.

This is the beginning to the end of His-Story, and the beginning of Your-Story.

of what you believe in and have been taught as being real, has been but
created by the Godliness in advance, in order for you to have a support
in which you will be able to express your Creative potential.

Time, as we know it, is about to take on a different dimension which many of you shall experience soon.

Truth is where you will all be.

this process of Creative endeavor, The Godliness shall be experiencing
it with you as you, for you, so that you can all potentially reach the
Beginning of Time.

Great responsibilities lie upon each of your
shoulders, each and every one of you, and you need to become soon
sentient and aware of what your real purpose is as a Creation, which is
to Create and improve upon the original program that The Godliness has
prepared for you as Himself to experience, and hopefully enjoy, as He
travels within each and every one of you the path of His Creative
processes in the infinite lattice of possibilities that He has Created
in advance, so that He experiences His Being in the many.

The One
is asking the many to slowly, patiently, pay attention to much of the
guidance that He will tend to project from within their inner selves.

wishes often that the unfolding of events be smoother. Nevertheless, He
has allowed Himself to be restricted by His original plan and program
as a challenge to Him, as the many facets operating within His gigantic

There is still a small window of opportunity to soften the
blow of the awakening process, and it is The Godliness’s dream and wish
that mankind shall invite within its heart the attention it needs now
in order to show Oneness of purpose and existence to all and resist the
temptation to slowly extinguish its inner Light as challenging events,
which will call upon the inner resources of the many, will try to start
happening to project Oneness within the One Heart of ALL.