Understand Aura Viewing

Aura is a force emanating from somebody or something. It is an energy field that is supposed to encircle every living being including animals and plants. It looks like an outline of colors and feels like soul sensations or a manifestation of surrounding energy fields.

We can experience Aura by concentration and focused trainings. Modern metaphysics recognizes the aura as electromagnetic fields, which is a scientifically proven fact. Aura looks like layers of color around the subject.

Some people are born with this God gifted ability, but to become an Aura reader, a considerable amount of practice is necessary. Here are four steps for beginners to learn Aura with an open mind.

1.    You should begin by holding one of your hands up against a white background in any way that is comfortable to you.

2.    Relax your eyes as you fix them at the edge of your hand in order to look at the tips of your fingers. Let your eyes fall out of focus a bit. You should continue looking at the area surrounding your focus.

3.    Observe and verify any colors if visible. If you do not perceive anything right away, that is okay. It may take some more second to visible in front of your eyes. Remember it varies from person to person.

4.    Carry out this habit regularly not only on yourself, but apply it on others, even on trees and pets. With constant practice, it will eventually appear in front of your naked eyes.

5.    It may be easily perceivable during daytime under sun when you are warm.

6.    Remember to choose a time when you feel relaxed and have no any interruption.

7.    It is typically excellent to be spiritually conscious about it and in tune with the spirit of its nature, try to attempt Aura.