Understanding Chakra Meditation…

Chakra meditation is a very distinctive form of relaxation as it involves deep concentration. You may achieve an incessant focus which activates psychic energy to flow up through out your body, stimulating and refreshing all of your different chakras from head to toe in you body.
Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or vortex. It can be thought of as energy center that direct the flow of energy through your bodies. Chakras are a part of consciousness and affect our decisions that we make in our lives.
Before beginning your meditation, ensure that you are dressed in loose and comfortable clothes and find a space that is free from noise and interruption in order to gain internal harmony. Here are some steps to follow for Chakra Meditation.

1.    Start chakra meditation by sitting or lying down in a relaxed position.

2.    Focusing on the feelings about one small area of your body, you must turn your attention to one small part of your body such as the thumb of your foot or the tip of your nose etc. Hook up yourself with the minute details of that part of body. What you need is concentration on particular part of body.

3.    By finishing your attention on this part of body, apply your sensations and concentration to rest parts of your body from toe to head. Remember one thing; you must be fair and moderate in collecting information about every organ of body.  This contemplative and thoughtful exercise should be natural in its flow and should be spread throughout the body in a gentle wave like a dream if possible. It is mandatory that this practice should be in very natural flow; if you feel any stress or panic which is disturbing your peace, then you must go back to directing on the very first body part.

4.    You need a lot of patients with this type of meditation as it does require lots of practice. Many individuals use a special guide as a way to achieve perfection in the practice. You can use soft music or personalized musical tones to lead you to peace if possible.

5.    The persistent practice of chakra meditation has the power to change your way of thinking. It will establish a very clever and delicate sense of consciousness of world inside yourself and let you observe your surroundings as they relay are. In other words, it will open your internal eyes to observe the reality of things rather than appearance.

6.    A regular practice of Chakra tuning leads you to gain a very detail understanding of the causes behind certain behaviors and effects to know others as they actually are!