Vishuddha (5th chakra)

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Vishuddha is the fifth primary chakra, it is the chakra of the Throat. It is located between the base of the throat and the Adam’s apple. When the kundalini pass by this chakra, the body and language express the identity of the person. It bring communication skills and good behavior. It is true that vishuddha chakra is the chakra of communication and social behavior. It is the chakra which help to choose between wrong or right too. It is also the chakra of creativity, self-determination and self-expression. The endocrine system equivalent is the thyroid gland which is the gland of maturation of the body, the gland who express who we are. It rules how the body evolves as a whole. This chakra rules the auditive sense. It is the chakra who listen and speak. The Vishhuddha chakra is symbolized by a sixteen petals flower bearing Sanskrit letters on each of its petals. We should note that this letters are the vowels of the Sanskrit and that the vowels represent the spirituality as opposed to materiality (symbolized by consonants). Furthermore, each of these petals correspond to a specific Mantra, a sound which bring a specific feeling when speak out. At the center of the flower, there is a circle which represent the aether element which also the sound element. In fact, the sound is the interaction between matter particles. When we heard something, it is the air particles who interact with your ears. The seed sound in the center of the flower is “ham”. The dominant colors of this chakra are light blue, green-blue and silver. Its corresponding planet is said to be Mercury, the planet of communication and social activities. Its music note is G. Several stones are said to be related to vishuddha, they are the blue and silver stones: silver, lapis lazuli, aquamarine… This chakra correspond to the eucalyptus and sage flavor. This chakra also symbolizes the purity. Purity of the body.

Vishuddha chakra is the chakra of the age between 28 to 35 and rules the casual plane and the higher mind. Only the sound can go in the aether. It is why this chakra is the transmitter and receiver of sounds in the body. It rules the ears and the vocal cords. It is by this chakra that we enter in the realm of spirituality. Vishuddha chakra express the love that wake up in the precedent chakra. A bad condition on this chakra will bring shyness and in worse case: autism, silence, anxiety or stutter. In good condition it will bring good communication with the self and with others. It help to through out the bad feelings, especially jealousy.