Ways To Start Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is awareness that you are dreaming and you take control in your dream and do whatever you want to do. You have conscious power to navigate the narrative of your dream and make the plot whatever you want it to be. Imagine being in a world, where no law of physics is there. Every law there bend to your own will. Not everyone has this ability to control his or her dreams. However, it is a rare art but nothing to worry about. You can learn and master this art. There are several ways to control your dreams. Few steps through which you can start your adventures of lucid dreaming consciously are below.

• Remember your dream. No matter how much you tell yourself that you do not get dream, it is not possible. Everyone dreams but only some people have ability to remember it. Every night before you drift off to sleep, tell your mind that you will remember your dream as soon as you will wake up. Tell this to yourself several times until you fall asleep.

• Keep a dream journal. This one can be challenging and tedious but you will know that it was worth the effort. This will help you remember the ordinary dreams and you will be able to look for your dream sign within your dreams. Just some short phrases are enough to write.

• Pick out dream signs. It is important to find an object or people in your dream that can work as a cue for you to wake up. For example, you see Michael Jackson in your dreams a lot; this can be a cue for you because you know that he is dead.

• Notice your waking world. It might could crazy to you because duh! You are conscious when you are awake. What I mean is to be conscious and focused. When you are learning a new task, you are so focused first. Later you do not have to be focused because you already know the task very well. When you are in habit of focusing in your daily life, then you will not have any problem focusing in your dreams and you will continue being focused in dream world.

• Ask yourself ‘Am I dreaming?’ of course you will say no. The point of asking yourself if you are dreaming or not is to focus on why you are not dreaming. For example, you know that you are not dreaming because you cannot see Michael Jackson around or you cannot fly. One technique is just try reading something because in your dream you cannot read longer than a few seconds. This would prove yourself that you are not dreaming.

• Get sufficient sleep. Your sleep deprivation can be a problem for you here. Make sure you get around 8 hours sleep.

• Practice meditation and stay lucid. Meditation makes easy for you to rest and you are able to concentrate more. Your relaxed mind will help you stay lucid. You might freak out when you lose control. However, you have to calm yourself down with self-talk and dream spinning. In case of losing control, you have to spin your mind like a tornado to stay in your dream.
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