What does my Birthmark mean in my past life?

Skin pigmentations, spots or certain birth abandons, have been viewed as just an imperfection on your body that are brought into the world with you. As per research by Dr. Ian Stevenson, pigmentations really educate significantly more concerning your previous existence than you may might suspect. On the off chance that the skin pigmentation is oval and marginally bended, at that point this is a marker of a deadly cut injury forced by a blade, blade, knife and so forth. In the event that the skin pigmentation is round with a rugged edge, at that point it could be an indication of a past shot. On the off chance that there are spots or staining on the skin at any piece of your body, at that point it recommends injury by fire. In the many cases reported by Dr. Stevenson, he had the option to interface the connection between's a previous existence and a skin pigmentation. Here are various kinds of skin colorations and their likely previous existence causes: Two reasons with regards to why previous existence injury shows itself as skin pigmentation in present children. At the point when they resurrected into another body, the time between death (injury) and rebirth was too short that previous injuries were not mended before taking up another life. After the individual resurrects the injuries that the individual despite everything conveyed with them into this new life should be mended so as to set themselves from that injury. Birth Defects: In Dr. Stevenson's exploration, he demonstrated relationship to birth surrenders being from previous existence injury. In one example a Turkish kid was brought into the world with a contorted right ear, remembering an underdevelopment for right half of his face. The kid at that point said that he recollected the life of a man who was taken shots at point clear range with a shotgun. In another, a kid from India was brought into the world with one hand missing of fingers. The kid at that point said that he recollected the life of a youngster who had placed his correct hand into the sharp edges of a grub cleaving machine. Cut Wound: If the skin coloration is oval and marginally bended, at that point this is a marker of a lethal cut injury forced by a blade, blade, knife and so on. Self destruction Wound (by weapon): This skin pigmentation includes an unpredictable shape that occasionally seems as though a path of blood is running off the face and it's regularly on the essence of the individual. Spots (dim spots): Freckles are a sign in the past you may have had fire injury. Victims from consumes state that fire leaves an imprint on the skin for all time. Unhealed Burn Mark: This imprint is dim and depending if the spirit has recuperated the injury will seem darker. Recuperated Burn Mark: This skin pigmentation is white is a recognition of a consume by fire. Contingent upon how the spirit has mended karmically, it will demonstrate how white the imprint will appear. Projectile Wound: If the skin pigmentation is roundabout with a barbed edge then it could be an indication of a past slug wound. In the event that the individual has another skin coloration that sporadically formed that relates with the littler round pigmentation, at that point that is another pointer that the individual kicked the bucket of a lethal slug wound. Skewered Through: Any spot on the eye shows that it might have been straightforwardly punctured. Generally a type of death that is consistently lethal. Scalped: This specific pigmentation has a spot on the scalp that will not develop hair. This is injury from your previous existence of the hair being coercively expelled. Normal Characteristic From Dr. Stevenson's Study During the exploration, Dr. Stevenson would discover situations where there was a skin pigmentation present however no clinical history relating to the past injury. Be that as it may, in his investigation he discovered 5 normal qualities that the cases shared for all intents and purpose. A large portion of the cases, where pigmentations and inherent deformations are available for which no clinical clarifications exist, share one to five attributes practically speaking. 1) In certain societies the body of an infant is throughly checked for signs that the spirit has resurrected among them. Numerous societies who have confidence in this are the Tlinit Indians and the Igbos of Nigeria. Different clans in Africa routinely leave blemishes on the body of the perished to handily discover the individual when they are conceived. 2) In one of Dr. Stevenson's most reoccurring occasion, youngsters would regularly discuss their past lived between the ages of 2-5 years of age. When the kid arrives at 4-7 years old their recollections of a previous existence starts to get lost. The youngsters in these investigations regularly recollect these previous occasions so clearly that they solicitation to be with their "genuine" guardians. It is additionally hard for the kids to separate between what's genuine and so forth. 3) In certain occasions, if the individual knew about rebirth, it is feasible for them to communicate a desire to be destined to a specific couple or accomplice. Societies that are known for this are the Tlingit Indians of Alaska and the Tibetans. The individual who makes this solicitation regularly accept that they will deal with them the best. 4) In Burma situated in Asia, alongside the Indians in Alaska, prophetic dreams of an individual who has as of late past away will go to the destined to be pregnant ladies or the as of now pregnant, and the expired individual will at that point disclose to them that the individual in question will be renewed to her. 5) The last most regular trademark is if the kid was conceived unto a low-class family however in the individual in question previous existence was of a higher class, at that point the youngster that was as of late naturally introduced to the low-class family will feel awkward. The youngster will regularly make solicitations to be served and thought about and will frequently decline to wear modest attire.