What is Scrying?

The ancient technique of scrying uses the process of gazing into an object to call upon the powers of divination. The most common method to achieve this act is to use a clear crystal ball made from quartz. Although this is the most popular approach, some have reported receiving positive results by using a shallow bowl of water, as well as black ink. There have also been results gained from gazing into flames.


The practice of scrying is not something that is exclusive for only a few; all sorts of people can learn it. You may have seen images of gypsies staring into a crystal ball, but you too can benefit from this process. With an ample amount of practice, you will be able to complete this task, but knowing how to meditate does make the process much easier. Scrying works from the amount of energy input; the more energy that you put into it, the better the results.


So how long does scrying usually take? The amount of time often spent can range from a couple of minutes to ½ hour. When scrying, it is a process that is often completed alone, but it is not uncommon for more than one individual to scry into the same object at the same time as another when trying to gain information. Some people are under the misconception that a ritual must be performed before scrying, but it really isn’t needed. If you feel you must say a few words beforehand, in order to feel more relaxed, you may say a small prayer. Others take this opportunity to ask that the correct information will appear to them.


When scrying, the object or surface you are using must be clean. There are many different objects that can be used for scrying, including mirrors; a dark bowl filled with water; crystal ball; coffee grinds; tea leaves, as well as a candle-lit room. Looking into the eyes of someone sitting across from you can also complete a session of scrying.


How to Scry


1. Gaze into the scrying surface in a comfortable setting and with a relaxed frame of mind.


2. Time will pass and you will begin to see various shapes and images in the surface. Your eyes will eventually begin to pick out clearer images.


3. The mind will then zero in on the images on the surface. The images will no longer be seen on the scrying surface. This is when you shift your attention to the mental images forming in your mind. This is the point when the scrying surface is no longer of consequence to your experience. Do not allow the scrying surface to absorb anymore of your attention.


4. Background information regarding the images you see will surface in your mind as the images become clearer. Pay attention to the images you are seeing in your mind because they will tie into things, places and people you already know.


5. It is important to focus on the mental images that appear. You will be basically combining the mental images with the visual cues you will see while scrying.