Youth Pill Finally Here

From the Weekly World News – March 26, 1991.


Youth Pill Finally Here

by Dorothy Larson-Dale

Scientists say that selenium – a mineral you can buy in health food

stores – significantly slows the aging process and will keep you

looking and feeling young years longer.

The astonishing discovery was made after a 25-year research project

conducted by teams of dedicated chemists at the University of


The researchers described selenium as an essential nutrient found in

seafoods and meats.

In addition to retarding the body’s aging process, it also guards

against organ damage caused by smoking and drinking.

An environmental research chemist at the university’s food and

science department said an insufficient amount of selenium in the

human body can cause crippling muscle degeneration.

But it is the discovery that selenium retards aging and prolongs

youth that has electrified the scientific world.

“In the test tube, selenium is a powerful protector against

oxidation,” declared a biochemist involved in the amazing research

project. “And oxidation is believed to be one of the main causes of


An independent researcher, Robert Evans – whose studies were

unrelated to those at the University of California – said the

mineral preserves the elasticity of the body tissue by delaying

oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids, thus stalling the aging


“Selenium was once regarded as not needed by the human body,” Evans

told the News, “It was even thought to be dangerous.”

“It is now going to be one of the ways we maintain our health and

prevent degenerative disease.

“But the outstanding research done in California will put those

notions to rest.

“In addition to prolonging youth, there is strong evidence that


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selenium taken in daily doses reduces the risk of breast, lung,

prostate, colon and ovarian cancers and maintains a healthy heart.”

Selenium, also found in minute amounts in the human body, is sold

over-the-counter in most health food stores and in some drugstores.

A bottle of 250 tablets, each containing 50 mcgs. of selenium, sells

for about $10 to $11. The general dosage is one or two tablets



Vangard note….

Other information regarding selenium as found in certain forms

shows that EXCESS amounts can lead to brittle hair and nails.

The above article offers an interesting viewpoint when viewed

in light of the information available in DNAMAST1 on KeelyNet.

In the early days of electronics, selenium was used for

rectification of AC currents. This semi-conducting property of

selenium offers the possibility that this substance might be

used in the body to rectify AC transients to provide an overall

higher level of available DC energy to the body.

The modern works of Crile, Becker and Bergstrom among others

leads us to the inescapable fact that the body uses DC currents

primarily for electrical tone as well as ion transport.

The idea is that aging is caused by twisting of the DNA and RNA

helices to reduce the number of base pairs per turn. This in

turn functions much like reducing the number of windings of the

secondary of a coil in respect to the primary.

As the voltage is reduced the ability of the body to enact

ionic transference of chemical substances and fluids is greatly