FBI Document Claims Nikola Tesla Is From Venus

blankNikola Tesla, the best logical designer in mankind’s history is asserted, as per FBI declassified report to be from the Planet Venus.

While everybody will consistently require confirmation for these cases, this case in any case, is originating from non other than the FBI vault. The FBI as of late declassified these reports and are transparently accessible on the web.

Nikola Tesla: Connection to Planet Venus:

As per the FBI archive, Nikola Tesla imagined a radio-type gadget for ‘Interplanetary Communication’ in 1938. Notwithstanding, Tesla kicked the bucket in 1943 and his specialists didn’t assemble the Tesla creation until after his passing.

The record proceeds with that the Tesla designs effectively made the gadget in 1950, and since its creation the specialists had been in close contact with ‘Space-Ships’. The architects who had been in contact with the Space People had visited the designers commonly, and had disclosed to them that Tesla was not from Earth.

Tesla was professed to be Venusian from the Planet Venus, and was brought to Earth as a child in 1856. Tesla was then left being taken care of by Mr. what’s more, Mrs. Tesla in a remote mountain go in what was initially known as ‘Yogoslavia’. Tesla’s name even has starting points from Venus, as it was gotten from his unique old neighborhood called ‘Alokin’ just spelled in reverse.

FBI Document Transcript:


FBI Declassified Document

“Dan Fry and other respectable men are presently on the way to New York via car. George Van Tassel and Art Aho will show up in Mr. Aho’s plane. They all intend to be in New York City at Hotel Diplomat on June 17. They will presumably be heard one week from now on Long John’s program on Radio Station WOR, from 12 PM to 5:30 toward the beginning of the day, daily aside from Sunday.

This letter won’t contact you so as to locate flying saucers over New York the evening of June 13, from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. Yet, there will again be full-scale activities of flying saucers over every American territory on July 1. This will be in three stages as follows: New York Areas, July 1, 9a.m.; Washington, D.C. zones at 9:25 a.m.; general North American regions, after 9:25 a.m.; Central American zones, 9:30 a.m.; South American territories, 9:35 a.m. Second stage: Same regions as above, starting at 12 o’clock noontime, July 1. Third stage: Full-scale activities over every single American zone starting at 7 o’clock on the night of July 1. The above data has been provided by George King, editorial manager of Cosmic Voice, 88 The Drive Mansions, Fulham Road London S.W. 6. Likewise, if you don’t mind note that George King has additionally distributed back issues of Cosmic Voice in one volume cost of $1.00 in addition to postage. This is certain the best “purchase” saucer messages that we are aware of. George King is viewed as the best clairvoyant contact which the space individuals have, despite the fact that George Van Tassel is the best we have in America.

Margaret Storm has been appointed to certain work with the Space Popel, as follows: She is composing a book – Return of the Dove — as an account of the life of Nikola Tesla, researcher, and the part his creations will play in the New Age. A significant part of the information for his book has been provided to Mrs. Tempest through transcripts got on the Tesla set, a radio-type machine developed by Tesla in 1938 for Interplanetary Communication. Tesla kicked the bucket in 1943 and his specialists didn’t fabricate the Tesla set until after his demise. It was put in activity in 1950 and since that time the Tesla engineers have been in close touch with the spaceships. The Space People have visited the Tesla engineers commonly, and have revealed to us that Tesla was a Venusian, brought to this planes as an infant, in 1856, and left with Mr. What’s more, Mrs. Tesla in a remote mountain area in what is currently Yugoslavia”.