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RH Negative Blood-Type And Reincarnation

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Blood TypesLet me start off by saying yes I do believe in reincarnation. Although I do not understand all the principles behind it, it leaves some questions when trying to interlock the theories of reincarnation with other subjects such as blood types.

upon researching, you will find many sources that claim the Rh Negative blood type is the blood of the gods. According to popular belief, people containing the Rh Negative blood (especially O Negative) are said to have special abilities and higher intellect than those who have Rh Positive blood.

You will find a plethora of resources about this upon searching, such as the Rh Registry and so forth. This rabbit hole goes quite deep when researching, as you will see it starts going into many conspiracy theories such as Mary Magdalene, the Greek Gods, Jesus, and even into the Anunnaki.

So let’s try to interlink these two theories. One being reincarnation, two being Rh Negative blood types are superior beings. Just like every other movement, you will find that the people who most promote the Rh Negative blood type theory are people who in fact have the Rh Negative blood type. This is the exact same as religions and much of the world. Pretty much the only people who are preaching that Jehovah Witnesses will inherit the Earth are in-fact Jehovah witnesses. The only people preaching that the Jews are the chosen people are in-fact the Jews. The only people promoting and fighting for certain rights, are the people who those rights are being deprived from. You will notice not many people fight for causes that do not directly affect them. But that rule is not set in stone.

So taking that into account, we see that the Rh Negative community believes they are chosen. They believe they have the pure blood of the gods, and they are the rightful rulers of the world. But if we believe in reincarnation, like most of them do, can we even connect these two theories together and conclude that Rh Negative blood type really even matters?

Let’s say someone with Rh Negative blood type gives up the ghost. He goes through the reincarnation cycle, now what is to say that this person will come back as an Rh Negative blood type again? Is it possible that this Rh Negative blood type person will come back as an RH positive after reincarnation? Or is there some algorithm encoded in the reincarnation cycle that specifies that an Rh Negative person must come back as an Rh Negative person again?

Most religious texts’ I have read support my belief that some (if not most) humans are actually reincarnated into animals the next round. The person usually acted within the carnal desires while living and took the way of the beast. So they must become the beast to endure the same treatment that they inflicted to other life. If this is true, it gets difficult to imagine that Human bloodtype within this one lifetime has any bearing on future lives.

Undoubtedly, there are many questions and legitimate possibilities when it comes to blood types and how they work, and especially how they came about into being. We do know for a fact that if a mother has Rh Negative blood and the fetus is Rh Positive, her body will reject the Rh Positive fetus unless she is given specific shots to prevent it from happening. The RH antigen is seen as an outside invader by an RH Negative person. Finding the exact answer why this happens has proven to be a challenge, but nonetheless it is true.

One popular belief which attempts to explain the Rh factor goes back to the Anunnaki. According to this popular belief, a group of extraterrestrial reptilians came to the Earth and created a slave race to mine gold for them. They took a native Rhesus Monkey from the Earth and genetically bred it with their own DNA, creating humans as we know them today. Since the Anunnaki have the pure Rh Negative blood, the slave race was mostly Rh+ we can begin to see where the different blood types originated. But then some of the Annunaki themselves (pure blood) bred with the genetically modified slaves and the Nephilim (or giants) were born. (which Genesis 6 talks about).

Regardless if this theory is true or not, we have to accept reality for what it is and only what we can prove. At the moment we cannot prove any of these theories, all we know is that the meat-suits that we wear are the same meat-suits we will have for the rest of this life. Whether or not blood types matter in reincarnation, or even if nationalities, genetics, or any physical traits matter, is to be seen and learned in the future.

But what we do know for certain is that our actions affect others on this Earth, and we are fully able to control our own actions. Yet it is fun and intriguing to research and ponder what might be, it is much more beneficial for your soul and it’s reincarnation journey to balance your karma, do right by others, and help restore the world.