The unspoken, unseen, and unheard story of Aghoris

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Aghoris, have you heard of them before? And if you have heard, were you creeped out? There are so many facts and rumors and I am here to move the curtains for you. Let’s start with who is an Aghori.

Who is an Aghori?

Aghoris are a group of sadhus in India who believe with their whole heart, soul, and mind in Lord Shiva. They are ascetics and have taken up a form of life that is very different from what a normal sadhu we all know of. The majority of their population is found in Varanasi, a city in India. 


They dwell in cremation grounds, smear ashes on their bodies, and use human bones as jewelry and other human corpse bones as a bowl for rituals. Aghoris believe completely in Shiva and astamahapasa. Astamahapasa means ‘eight great bonds’. The story behind says that all souls of human beings are Shiva, but are covered with these eight bonds which are greed, pleasure, fear, hatred, etc. Aghoris indulge in Sadhana, i.e methodical discipline to remove these outer layers. 


Being naked is a step towards destroying the shame. And on the release of these bonds, the souls attain moksha.  


Aghoris’ history goes way back to medieval Kashmir, but their origin began with Baba Keenaram, who lived for 150 years as per Hindu belief.

Unknown facts about Aghoris

Here are some jaw-dropping facts about Aghoris:


  • A big no to a haircut – Aghoris never cut or wash their hair. They believe in the natural self of humans. 


  • Cure for everything – Aghoris believes that they have a cure for every disease like AIDS and cancer using human oil that they take from pyre when a body is being burnt. Although not verified by science, they still believe in it.


  • Eating human flesh – Aghoris perform meditation on the top of dead bodies, eat their flesh, use ashes of burnt bodies. They don’t kill anyone so they are not being interfered with. 


  • Talking to the dead – Aghoris sit on the cremation grounds and are said to have the power to talk to the dead.


  • Dark magic – Aghoris claim that they perform dark magic to enhance their supernatural powers. They do not use it to harm anyone.


  • Aghoris and drugs – Aghoris take a combination of marijuana and alcohol to attain greater concentration.


  • Sex with menstruating women – Aghoris perform sex with consenting menstruating women to embrace what is naturally considered ‘dirty’.


  • No hate in the heart – They share their food with any animal or anyone. They believe that nobody can meditate purely if they have hate in their heart. 


It is believed that people who are deeply indulged in materialistic life will be frightened extremely. Despite their practices, Aghoris live a very simple life. The Aghoris live in darkness and focus on the enlightenment of the inside. 


There are many facts and stories of aghoris that might scare you or fascinate you, but a real-life encounter with them will let you know of stories that no other person can share.