Unidentified Blue Figure in UK

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In a case of extreme bizarreness, the UK is beset by an unknown figure dressed entirely in blue from head to toe.  The figure, which has yet to be identified beyond simple witness descriptions is refusing to show his face after several incidents.  The figure described is completely shrouded in what appears to be a blue “morphsuit,” like those used in film and theater productions and follows people, but has not been apprehended by police or identified.  As a result, several of the witnesses are refusing to return to May Hill where the figure was first spotted until the whole ordeal is sorted out.

The strange nature of the sightings follow a similar thread, though the true identity and motive of this figure are yet to be ascertained.  The witnesses, who largely wish to remain anonymous due to the strangeness of the appearances are largely certain the figure is just a normal man behaving strangely while wearing a suit, although why he finds it necessary to carry on in such an odd way is unknown.

He’s said to be around average height for an adult male (estimated to be around 5’10”) and has a very thin build.  The incidents, all which occurred on or around the weekends show the figure has a specific, but thus far harmless method of wreaking havoc on the countryside around May Hill.  And without more information on who this bizarre figure is, Police are finding it very difficult to follow up on without catching him in the act.

Witnesses have spotted the figure since March with two more incidents occurring on June 2nd and another on May 20th.  The sightings are generally taking place in the late hours of the morning, and they seem to follow a specific pattern.  The figure is seen emerging from the woods and then performing several simple acrobatic feats before it once again recedes into the woods or witnesses are able to leave the scene.  Most of the witnesses who spot the figure are female, although it’s unknown if this is coincidence or not.

Police are currently attempting to ascertain what the figure’s motives are over anything else.  It’s unclear whether this is a strange sort of long-term prank or if there could be something a bit more sinister involved.

The sightings do somewhat call to mind the old stories of Spring Heeled Jack, who would appear at random intervals to terrorize citizens throughout London.  And while the figure doesn’t manage to jump several feet in the air or even show his face, it has the makings of something truly unusual.  But at the moment it’s a bit difficult to take a figure dressed all in blue very seriously when descriptions of him include the adjective “smurflike.”  Will police ever be able to determine the identity of this mysterious and eccentric character?